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Doomsday Is Coming

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Friday, January 18, 2008 at 8:36 PM

Damn, just when you thought it was all bled out it comes back for you! This new movie "Doomsday", starring Malcolm McDowell of "A Clockwork Orange" & "Halloween" (2007) and some hot chick, comes to take over theaters. It looks to be a wild mix of Cyborg, 28 Days Later, Resident Evil, Mad Max, and Escape From New York. I like the sound of that! The whole virus thing has been everywhere with 28 Days Later, but this looks to be a different view, so that's just as cool. It does appear to have zombies in it from what I saw in a preview. So the resemblance is noticeable. I saw Mad Max written all over it. They said that about "Waterworld" too though, and that was a good take on the idea. That movie was Mad Max on water, this one is a new modern zombie plague Mad Max the way we've been wanting it! I like the sound of those things mixed together the more I think about it. It's a classic scenario that we, as cyberpunks, should be aware of, where the government becomes oppressive, and the people fight back. Of course, in this case you can see why the government would go to such great lengths to keep things settled, but it doesn't mean that they're not being oppressive. The story goes they lock down a city and leave everyone to die, then 25 years later they check it and the contamination is set free and takes over the world, thus plunging us into a literal doomsday! No technology, no t.v., it sounds like a nightmare to me. I've been there, living under bridges but I also wear contacts, you can't live like that when you're homeless, the doctor told me I was close to having a serious eye problem when my family rescued me off the streets. I should be so fortunate. But don't feel bad, I didn't have any friends offering me a place to stay. Others have friends to help if not family. Others have none. I've been there too. This is a story of what anarchy can do to the world. Would you like to live in a world of rapists and murders? Hell no, but think about what would happen if we had no ruler. If we're meant to be without a ruler someday then it'll happen whether we try to make it happen or not. So there's no point in hoping for it. That's called the rule of fate. Stories like this appeal to me for the strength it would take to be a survivor. They should've burnt and overkilled the contagion. No mistakes that way.

Guest Commentator DEATHBUNNY says: "Zombies should learn how to die!"

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