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Switchblade Symphony Are Creepy Cuties

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Monday, January 21, 2008 at 4:14 PM

This is a goth band that I liked a long while back, back when I had goth girlfriends. It's been years now, but they used to play in Seattle all the time. They're just so goth that I couldn't help it. haha, I know it's odd but I am part goth. Like 2 16th's goth. Part nordic, native american, irish, spanish... I'm just a regular mutt! Bow wow! The band is named "Switchblade Symphony". It's not a manly band like most of my music on here but they have such a freaky, dark demeanor about them that I couldn't resist. They bring across the mood very well and that's what I like the most, they're effective. The name says it all really. I think these ladies must've studied opera or something, you'd have to listen to it to see what I mean. I read about them in a goth magazine and gave it a listen. There are tons of unknowns out there making good music. I found this one CD once with spooky soundscapes and one of the tracks had what sounded like a ship at sea and people screaming, the wooden ship bending, hard rain, it was so odd but I loved it. And now I have no idea where it is for the life of me. Not exactly stuff you can listen to all the time, but It's cool stuff. For a real goth though this is like pop music, the equivalent of a mainstream release. Have fun with this one.

Guest Commentator BLUE FIEND says: "These chicks are creepy, but I like blondes!"

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