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A New Revolution Is Here

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Friday, December 28, 2012 at 4:00 AM

I've been keeping up with "Revolution" and the season just ended. Quite a wild ending too. They say it's the new "big" show. "Lost" was the last big one so I hope so. I think this was written by the same people as well. The plot is some scientist created a device that could...

I've been keeping up with "Revolution" and the season just ended. Quite a wild ending too. They say it's the new "big" show. "Lost" was the last big one so I hope so. I think this was written by the same people as well. The plot is some scientist created a device that could inhibit electrical products from working but she was trying to create the opposite, a device to sustain a perpetual energy source, much like the idea of clean nuclear or something. The Department Of Defense comes to her door asking if they can fund the project. The man asks if she can duplicate the results of the electrical inhibition on a much grander scale. Right there you know they want to weaponize it. I would be scared sort of. But what is she supposed to do? So she agrees and creates the perfect weapon. An alternative to the EMP weapon idea of old that took out electricity in the show "Dark Angel". How does it work though? That's the tricky part. I can't quite figure that out but what an insane idea. Later on it's revealed that the man from the D.O.D. had his own agenda. He was behind the global blackout, but why? Why on Earth would anyone want to do that? Especially someone in the D.O.D.? One crazy man with his own vision of the world maybe. Some believe that this kind of hardship would make us all equal but it's not necessary to stop progress and revert back to a more medieval state. The same thing happened in "Doomsday" with all the left behind in England. Some people might want to destroy the world in order to be the king of the new world. The one that fixes everything. The one that profits from it. The real story lies in the individual people that go through their own hardships and changes after the blackout. Like the guy that worked at Google talking about how ironic it was that he was on top and surpassed the ones that belittled him only to end up back at square one, like some cruel joke. They each have their own story. I look forward to finding out more about this show and so do many others. This idea scares me really. I like computers and t.v. watching, etc.

Guest Commentator TOUGH GUY says: "Uh-oh the lights went out but now I can see in the dark. Yay for me. Too bad for everyone else!"

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