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Transformers Battle Royale

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Sunday, December 16, 2012 at 5:01 AM

Versus Movie #137. I reviewed one of the other "Transformers" movies but never the first one so here I am. "The Transformers" is about as polished as CGI action gets. If one were to try to make a super big...

Versus Movie #137. I reviewed one of the other "Transformers" movies but never the first one so here I am. "The Transformers" is about as polished as CGI action gets. If one were to try to make a super big budget, stellar action flick with living, sentient robotic beings then this is what you would hope to create. All other CGI action movies must bow down to this one now. Some might just call it nerdy but I grew up with Transformers and I love 'em. And you can't go wrong with Megan Fox. Even my dad loves her. All men love her. Every time it reruns on t.v. we both watch it in order to catch Megan's gyrations and curvacious ways. The new girl in the third movie is hot too but they didn't really explain how the two broke up very well after the first one. For those that don't simply get into the sci-fi aspect the nerdy loser guy pining for the hot girl will do the trick. I agree this guy really had no chance in hell of getting this girl if it weren't for a life altering event where he had to save the earth and save her life. A near death encounter where a guy saves the girl will change her mind. I love the idea behind the Transformers and they made it seem so possible in a way. With the radiation found in the universe that gave life to a metallic planet these robots came to life. They were the most advanced machines anyone could ever imagine. In a way I see them as the ultimate evolution of the machine, to want to live and replicate with ease. Literally any machine could become a transformer with this radiation. The transformations themselves were a big part of the entertainment. If you truly love them then you'd be amazed at the transformations as they change into vehicles with no lines anywhere to show how they changed. It's an amazing idea really and it's a scary one at that. Giving life to machines, and even bodies, is the kind of evolution that scares man. Machine fighting machine is over our heads. They are no longer just the toys I grew up with now that I can imagine how they came to be. The action is excellent and the music chimes in at the right times. The EFX go beyond anything before it. It's so sci-fi that most people won't even realize how far out that technology is. This movie excels. They did a great job of breathing life into the toys of old with some of the best action out there.

Guest Commentator BONE COLLECTOR says: "That allspark was my version of the Rubik's cube, and then it fell to Earth. True story!"

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