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Cyberpunk Agendas

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Sunday, March 24, 2013 at 9:22 PM

Cyberpunk games have changed a lot throughout the years. In the beginning they seemed more like espionage and adventure. Now they're more action and cyborg warriors. The games weren't high on action but they did have some good storyboards to them that depicted action. They were less shoot 'em up and more going on missions trying to find things or clues. Your...

Cyberpunk games have changed a lot throughout the years. In the beginning they seemed more like espionage and adventure. Now they're more action and cyborg warriors. The games weren't high on action but they did have some good storyboards to them that depicted action. They were less shoot 'em up and more going on missions trying to find things or clues. Your choices shaped your outcome. Now it's just shooting to finish a level. I love end bosses and epic gun battles but it should be balanced with the adventure and espionage of those earlier games. Cyberpunk isn't necessarily about shooting high tech guns. It's more about the wild missions and mysteries to solve. Real cyberpunk would uncover a conspiracy or some great shocking truth about society. It makes you think and engages you. It enthralls you and pulls you deeper with the storyline. The action is more second fiddle to the other aspects of gameplay. The root of what cyberpunk really is has been lost in all these action games but maybe that's just the other side of reality, because corporations will procure secret armies to defend them and fight against other corporations. It's just inevitable. Now if they just captured the same essence as that of the games of old combined with the action then you would amazing cyberpunk games. "Shadowrun" was updated but I believe that was only the beginning of what's possible since that was more action than anything. The "Deus Ex" games are a great example of this merger where action is a secondary component. The story should come first and foremost in any cyberpunk game. All those old games had stills of action along with plot writing. They had you go on quests to different locales to solve a mystery of some sort while action simply came with the missions. Now combine this with something like self replicating metal dungeons or something and you would have a different path every time you play. This randomizing dungeon has been tried before but not very much. There's plenty of room for improvement. Even if you don't have dungeons you could have randomizing levels of all kinds. Different missions each time, different characters each time, different plots each time, different locations, etc. Perhaps I'm just dreaming of the perfect game. We can learn from those games that many dismiss now for great graphics. Graphics are great but they're not everything. Action is nice too but story is a must. To just say corporations are fighting isn't really a story but it can make for good cyberpunk action. I'd like to see the perfect mix of everything. What do you think?

Guest Commentator CHROMESHINE says: "The ultimate story: cyborgs take over humanity and make humans our pets. It would be a hit!"

2 Responses to "Cyberpunk Agendas"

Comment by Scrabble Fan
April 13, 2013 at 9:45 PM #  

So what exactly defines a Cyberpunk game? I associate the term with what you referred to as the newer type of Cyberpunk game- mechanical or cyborg warriors, in action-oriented fast paced games.

I'd be interested to play some of the original games that are more focused on stealth and adventure. But what exactly defines the genre if it includes both these types of games?

May 3, 2013 at 6:52 AM #  

The mix of the two is the holy grail of cyberpunk games and hard to accomplish in my eyes, but they keep trying. What defines the genre? Well, I look at more modern games like Deus Ex and see a future but you are right; I was thinking of a mix of older and newer styles. my idea would encompass all the best qualities of games, even dungeon crawlers. Things that, to me, haven't been done yet together. What defines the genre to me is when technology starts taking over, or when money takes over, or when military does, but also when you have the right blend of virtual elements and real. In most cyberpunk movies internet themes come into play, or VR. Cyberpunk is a warning to us, like most sci-fi movies are but true cyberpunk is gritty and dark, yet espionage, stealth, and mystery take precedence. Action is a good element in games of this type but it didn't start out that way as you know. I think entering different virtual worlds would be a great premise. Getting lost in cyberspace, etc. can be my type of ideas. But cyberpunk is also action, like the movie "Death Machine". The definition should lie in its differentiation from sci-fi. Though similar, I think cyberpunk is evolving from "Max Headroom", to "Bladerunner", to "The Matrix" and beyond. Cyberpunk games of old had action but they had us do a lot of missions and perform different tasks. Deus Ex is a great start to my ideas but the "perfect game" is one I'd like to create.