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Pacific Rim Smashes All In Path

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Wednesday, July 31, 2013 at 5:02 AM

Versus Movie #143. "Pacific Rim" is one of those movies that brings back the same feeling you had watching "Godzilla". We all love huge monster movies and in this one they're epically huge. Gigantic! I had my doubts about the plot in this one but it worked out if...

Versus Movie #143. "Pacific Rim" is one of those movies that brings back the same feeling you had watching "Godzilla". We all love huge monster movies and in this one they're epically huge. Gigantic! I had my doubts about the plot in this one but it worked out if you ask me. I thought "monsters from the bottom of the sea?" and it proved me wrong. A wormhole residing inside of an underwater volcano was a good idea. So you get to see the monsters rise out of the lava. The ones sending the monsters were aliens that must have had some great intelligence to even breed them. You see this theme in other alien movies too, the aliens being smarter than us. Yet we have an uncanny knack for using the brains we do have to outsmart super smart aliens. I don't doubt aliens could be smarter than us; it's just a shock for many to think about them having higher technology. They don't display technology here though. This movie was a crushing romp that smashes everything in its path for your entertainment. The first mech movie that I can remember seeing in the theater in a very long, long time. There have been others but not like this. I was afraid for those pilots in those things as they got thrown around like rag dolls. You don't have to like this movie for its plot if you're looking for a deep plot but it is a good movie. Guillermo Del Toro has come so far that it's amazing to think. With a successful movie like "Hellboy" however I can see why people would believe in him to pull this off. I was truly afraid of these monster titans bred to kill planets. There were some things in this movie that others might overlook that I liked, like how the government wanted to put up a wall instead of fight. Which didn't even work! And the EMP from the monster's back that wiped out all the 'digital' mechs. Go figure. We are setting ourselves up for disaster if we rely on digital too much. The nuclear jaeger was the only one able to work. These are messages hidden within for your delight. You can put meaning to them. A wormhole created by aliens isn't unfathomable. Perhaps they used electromagnetics in a way we've never seen to rip open space or even assemble and build buildings. The level 5 kaiju at the end was too big to even fathom fighting. I was so saddened to see that man's son offer to set off a nuclear bomb but real heroes in war make the biggest sacrifice sometimes. The explosion totally devastated that level 5 kaiju so it was worth it. Can you imagine if they just kept getting bigger and bigger? We would die for certain. And the kaiju that brought that jaeger in the air was a jaw dropper. If we can remember the awesomeness of movies in our youth then we might just love this movie. I know I loved it. Now the big beasties make sense to me so it's all good!

Guest Commentator CHROMESHINE says: "I'd attack Earth with giant robots but then humans might breed giant beasts to fight me!"

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