The Burning Ghost

Some artwork for ya! Ghost Rider is the tale of a guy sent to Hell only to be used to capture bad people by bounty hunting on Earth. So he's a slave to the forces of Hell trying to buy his redemption by gathering souls of the damned. Is there any redemption for a damned soul if you help harvest bad criminal types? Or are you just doomed to be a slave to the devil? I think a piece of us all hopes to seek some kind of redemption. His retribution shows no mercy. He is my anger. He is a living effigy of bitterness and revenge from the grave.

Ghost rider is the undead embodiment of justice. Of course the definition of justice varies from person to person. As Ghost Rider he has no control over his anger. As his former self he feels cursed to do the bidding of Hell. It's kind of like being taunted because you think you have a chance at a new life but you may never get it. Ghost Rider's character isn't inherently evil but he's been dragged to Hell by bad decisions. And he thinks if he can use the power of the Ghost Rider to escape Hell then he might be able to outrun the devil and reclaim his life. Is his life worth it or would he just make more bad decisions? That's a classic scenario where someone that made bad decisions feels they could change but it would take a whole lot to come back from that. You can't help but feel for Ghost Rider's character as he's kind of a prisoner to his own pain and heartache and regrets. It's the story of a man that had dreams and things went horribly wrong. Was it all his fault? Is there really no coming back from the choices made? So he has to help harvest the souls of others who made much worse choices. Maybe in a way that's his salvation, in the fact that he's nowhere near as bad as the ones he has to go after.  I dunno, can you feel sorry for Ghost Rider? Can he outrun the devil?


Ready to play a game of chance? Or is it a chance of gruesome death?! Bwahahaha! Comment if you dare!

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