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Green Babes Are So Cool

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Thursday, April 30, 2009 at 11:55 PM

It only exists to me if it's on my blog, that's what I say. The babe you've probably never heard of, "She-Hulk"! This chick really has it goin' on, and I never thought I'd be attracted to a girl with green skin before. That does happen on "Star Trek Enterprise" so I've heard though. Haha. It's amazing to think that a regular person could be so strong if things were different. But when you make something stronger than normal you end up getting something totally different, not human. To be human is to be fragile to an extent. She-Hulk is no fragile flower however, no she's a mean, tough babe with the strength of the Hulk. I wouldn't doubt that she could make an appearance in a Hulk movie, you never know. I do know that Ironman will be in the next Hulk movie. That's cool enough. Still, if "Catwoman" can make it to the bigscreen then so could She-Hulk. I bet her abs are hard as rock, literally! What I wouldn't give to have that sort of strength but I'd hate to be green. And then you'd be hated for being different. So you see, having that much strength just isn't meant to happen. But if it did you could help protect someone or something. So I wonder if She-Hulk and the Hulk ever tie the knot? I have to admit I'd like to see some green T n' A!

Guest Commentator VIKING HUNTRESS says: "I got your T n' A right here!"

Ripping Worlds Apart


What on Earth is this contraption you ask? It's going to make a black hole, that's what it is! And what's the point of making a black hole you ask? Well I've been wondering that myself but it does appear that black holes possess the power of super computers and can compute anything faster than any computer. How you put this information into the black hole to be computed is beyond me, and how you get the answer is way beyond me.. but imagine if that were true. We could end up having supercomputers hooked up to black holes the size of our fist and they could figure out anything. This is the start of it all I think, quantum computers, the works! And we all know that someone will be trying to break into another plain eventually, trying to unleash monsters or Hell itself. That's the sort of stuff you see in video games all the time, and how much you wanna bet that the warning will never be delivered to the scientists actually involved cause' they don't waste their time playing video games? And people think kids are stupid for playing video games! I've learned so much from them really, you do know that most of that stuff is based on real life! Now if the black hole grows too fast then we have the makings of a Sci-Fi Channel movie, and that wouldn't be good in reality. I love movies but you don't want that kinda thing to happen. A black hole could literally swallow us if it grew too big. And then I think of "Event Horizon", that movie had a scary ending didn't it?

Guest Commentator HARVESTER OF SORROW says: "It's like a freaky huge microwave dude!"

Army Of Two Like To Destroy

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Tuesday, April 28, 2009 at 4:26 PM

Versus Game #36. Well I review all games and stuff here, even older so I don't think this game is too old, "Army Of Two". This blog is more of a list keep in mind so I have to review everything I like to keep it on file. That way I can look in my blog for info on anything that interests me. Since this game seemed like one of the coolest out there I'm getting to it. Have you ever wished you could send in a team of 2 men to take out an army? Well these guys are made for just that, bred to fight to no end with advanced ballistic armor, same thing that I assume the Punisher was wearing in "Punisher: Warzone". But these 2 guys in this game wear the armor on every inch of their body. They're like modern day knights. In this day and age a knight would have to wear armor that's thick enough to handle bullets flying at them. This game has some great visuals and the plot of the game is much like we all dream of, one or two men taking on a whole army. We all have that "Rambo" fantasy. You get to earn money for the more destruction you cause and the money can be put towards new armor designs, some are worth the game itself. And if I were a mercenary that's exactly what I'd do, personalize my armor. I bet these guys are like 6'5" 300 lbs. And juiced up with adrenaline.

Guest Commentator BLUE FIEND says: "Destroy everything, that's my motto!"

Bringing Extinct Animals Back

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Monday, April 27, 2009 at 8:52 PM

Versus Science #59. It seems someone is working on making stuff like out of that movie "Jurassic Park" a reality. Scientists have been scrambling to find a way to bring back extinct animals. Now the question I raise is does this upset the natural balance? If an animal died out there was a reason for it. Not enough food, not enough water, too much heat, etc. And a long extinct animal at that just doesn't sound like good news at all. That could mean new viruses or anything really. Hell we got a bird flu epidemic now and how the Hell does a bird virus give us a bird flu? They say it's a hybrid of human and bird flus together, well that sounds like it was engineered. This is the reason why you shouldn't think about bringing back any Tasmanian Tiger using rat DNA like I've heard about. Remember what happened with the dinos in Jurassic Park? The frog DNA let them reproduce. I don't think mixing a Tasmanian Tiger with a rat is a good idea. You never know what could happen if you bring back old animals with totally different things in their blood and DNA. They're currently working on bringing back a Wooly Mammoth. And they are planning on dinosaurs later, apparently it's just a matter of funding the project that's holding it back, yikes!

Guest Commentator SPUN BETTY says: "What... could you repeat the question?!"

Young Vampires Are Better

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Sunday, April 26, 2009 at 7:07 PM

Horror Girl #22. "Sequel Science" episode 8! If you saw "The Lost Boys: The Tribe" then you know about the cute girl in that flick Autumn Reeser. She played a 17 year old in that movie and you all know how 17 year olds think they own the friggin' world. Well, she was no different, she decides there's no harm in going to some party with some strange weirdo hosting the party. Her brother thinks the guy is bad news and he of course was right but do 17 year old girls ever listen? No. They love those older bad boys. So she goes to the party and one thing leads to another and she's making out with him. It always leads to lust as if we didn't know. She then becomes a half-vampire. That's where the story starts. I do like some things about this movie a lot but something felt rushed, like there should've been more to it, more story. And the vampires freaking cops out was cool but they should do something really risky to look like vampires because a vampire could be a true risk taker. I don't know, maybe it's just me but the first movie was cooler, or not, they're about the same. I do like the underground hideout and the return of the stars from the first movie. It was cool but I think the main reason I watched it was for the cute mynx of a star. She may be 17 in the movie but as evidence here in these pics they do grow up quick!

Guest Commentator THE DARK PRINCE says: "I think I'm in demon-love!"

Savage Prehistoric Unicorns


Have you ever heard the legends of the Unicorn? I was browsing articles about dinosaurs and came upon the Unicorn by accident. It's not related to dinosaurs obviously but somehow I stumbled upon it. There are many creatures that spawn the legend. And it's a legend in almost every country, how could that be? I couldn't figure it out either. You can find creatures of all types that inspired it. There were deer-like creatures that had horns in the middle of their head. There were Karkadanns that resembled rhinos. Other depictions of the same creature sound more like a deer or horse. And the truth is there have been plenty of animals that accidentally had one horn in the middle of their head. Even a Narwhal has a unicorn-like horn. I've even seen a cat that had a horn grow on its head by accident. And a person or two have had small horns from birth. So the horn mutation is really common. There's no reason why a horse couldn't have that accidentally happen, after all it would only take one with that mutation to start such a legend. One would be enough to start all the stories. It's feasible too, a horse could use the protection especially if they were around a long time ago when other more vicious creatures were alive at the same time. Think about it, almost every creature has a relative before our current version that was more prehistoric in nature. Even a horse has creatures that led up to it. So why couldn't there be one that had a horn? There could too, especially if they lived in the same time period as many other creatures with horns, which was around the time of Oreodonts and Hyaenadons. Basically, prehistoric mammals before the ice age. And well, a horse is rather helpless, so there's no reason why a more prehistoric version couldn't have had such a mutation for survival. The most important part is that if even only one horse had a horn grow on its head like the deer someone found recently or the cat with a horn I mentioned then it wouldn't matter if no others were ever found. Even sharks and rats have had the same mutation. And dinosaurs. Many creatures have had that happen, it's an accident. Whether it's an accident or not though is where I'm able to understand how that could've been a reality. And if that were a more prehistoric version of a horse then it makes sense because most animals grow into more docile looking animals with enough time and evolution. Oh you know what... there was an animal, the Titanotheres, large animals that resembled rhinos with blunt two pronged horns on their snouts, believe it or not they were ancient relatives to horses, among other animals. A so-called "unicorn" would be the missing link!!! I'm willing to bet they did exist at one time, we just never witnessed it unless it were a mutation anomaly in a horse. Rememeber, most animals that were bigger back then had horns and were much more hard tempered. A unicorn would be a savage creature. Part of me wonders about whether a person could have found one in medieval days though. That's how all those medieval legends come about you know, they're all based on something. The top pic is from a unicorn museum about the history of the legends.

Guest Commentator HARVESTER OF SORROW says: "Chicks really dig the horns!"

Prehistoric Beasts Ate The Dog

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Friday, April 24, 2009 at 7:44 PM

I've seen quite a number of movies on the mutant crocodile theme. And it's all really making me wonder if prehistoric crocodiles were like these depictions. I have to say if you gave a crocodile legs that let it stand up like a T-Rex and a long tail it would really resemble a dinosaur. Maybe it was like that and it just evolved into what we know now. Sort like the way cats were huge but evolved into house cats small enough to sleep in our laps. And the bigger you blow up an animal the more fierce it is every time. Why is that? Maybe because being bigger demands more food which means you need a bigger appetite and strong hunting instincts. Yeah, it makes sense, domesticated cats have no reason to be huge and fierce when they have people feeding them every day. That's really interesting to me. So what I was saying about these prehistoric crocs was how they were probably really mean dinosaurs in fact. Think about it, now days a crocodile sits and waits in the water for prey, but you blow up that animal and it won't be able to hide so it's going to be mean as all Hell! A lot of animals have evolved into smaller versions, including humans. Cavemen were really thick boned people and that allowed for more warmth in their bones so they were able to pack on the muscle unlike anything we could do without exercise. But that also meant a bigger protein intake and much hunting would be needed. That explains why cavemen would be stupid and mean. These dino-croc movies are somewhat realistic in that way. Since there's more than one movie with this plot I'm not really reviewing just one, so this isn't technically a new Versus movie. But you can check out the two I mentioned here.

Guest Commentator BONE COLLECTOR says: "That's my next trophy prize skull!"

A Domain Of Guilt And Pain


Why are people so impressionable I ask myself? Religion has a hold on so many people, but don't get me wrong this post isn't anti-religion. What I was thinking was how some certain aspects of religion are strange while not the whole thing. I don't mind religion at all, it gives people something to believe in. The rules, if there are any, are what really make me wonder. Like lust, for example, is damning. But I don't think lust is really that bad, it's what the devil would want you to think, if he were real, so that you end up turning into a worse person due to the unnecessary guilt and possible deviation from normal thoughts to something darker. Lust itself cannot damn anyone. It's all about corruption of the soul and mind for the devil. And if there was a devil he would be smart enough to know that giving people unnecessary guilt for something they shouldn't feel bad for will ultimately make him more powerful. I mean seriously, so many monks and nuns live lives of solitude and abstinence for what? It's that lack of lust that makes people do insane things. You know people aren't meant to be that way, it ends up making people turn into bad people because they think they have to be bad. People end up relating lust to criminals and hooligans so people become creepy and sick because they think it'll lead to what they want but they never notice how much they've slipped. Guilt is a very powerful tool and it's been used in religion a lot, a little too much. So while I don't mind religion at all I have no shame or guilt for any naughty thoughts. On the flip side people take that thought to extremes, which is the opposite of guilt having the same effect! Truth is you have to be smart to make it in this life. I would even suspect that maybe people have outsmarted themselves into feeling guilty for things. It's that twisting of religion that the devil would want because he'd be so smart that he wouldn't make it obvious, he doesn't like to play fair.

Guest Commentator THE LUSTY NUN says: "Satan really, really turns me on!"

Redoing The RPG Cyber Style


I don't know about FFVII but this chick is hot. "Final Fantasy VII" was on the PS1 and they keep talking about remaking it. I'm doubting it myself but if there was a long wait and then it shows up on a system like the PS3 then that would be amazing. Why number 7 you ask? Well, it was huge game, incredibly huge and full of sub quests and side missions and very submersive. Quite ambitious for the time. The other ones are good but most people refer to Final Fantasy X most of the time. That's the one I played and it was really cool, did anyone notice the death metal song at the beginning in the first cinema cut? They were playing soccer and if you listen closely you can hear this death metal song in the background. I loved the game but I didn't know about everything you had to do like the side quests to capture animals or other things. I was clueless and when I got the big pinkish dragon above a floating ship of some sort then I got my ass handed to me. I remember how cool it was to try to use the time slowing effect to cause more damage to it but I just wasn't strong enough. That's where the side quests came in. The level up screen was huge! And they had one the best stories of any role playing game. I'd like to see a live action, behind the shoulder (Resident Evil 4 style) view, hardcore action RPG with guns and guns and more guns, and cyborgs and zombies up the wazoo. No waiting for your turn hoopla or spell casting. Just realistic choices to choose from like what armor to wear or gun parts or upgrades to your body or vehicles or more! Nobody has done a live action cyber RPG yet. That way you could hardly tell it's an RPG. In a way Resident Evil 4 was kind of an RPG with it's upgradables but not quite enough choices or immersion to be a real RPG. Now make a game like that with many different paths to take and a randomizer that let's you have different encounters each time or different adventures then you got one Hell of a RPG! This girl is from some FFVII promo. Any girl that can do the splits gets my approval.

Guest Commentator FLESHCRAWL says: "And cyber zombies! Every good RPG needs them!"

The Freaky Mean Machine

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Wednesday, April 22, 2009 at 8:34 PM

This badboy is the "Mean Machine" from "Judge Dredd". Mean Machine was a cyborg that fought Judge Dredd in the wasteland full of cannibals. But before that Judge Dredd was exiled from the mega-city that he lived in. A mega-city was like several huge cities all together in one. And in between these mega-cities were pockets of desert wasteland. It's a bleak image of the future in a way. A landscape forgotten by man with people living in gigantic oversized cities. It's so realistic that it's scary. That's one of those futures that you don't want to have happen. You see it time and time again in movies with people living on what seems like a really uninhabitable version of Earth, but yet people still try to inhabit it. It's a concept not many of us want to think about. But if things kept getting worse and worse then you never know. A world like this would be the result of war and famine and lack of resources. The Mean Machine was a one armed cyborg with a huge gun as one arm. He was pretty stupid in the sense that you could simply turn the nob on his forehead and turn him off but he could kick your ass. And he looked rather realistic. Even more frightening is how he worked for the wasteland cannibals. Could the cyborg be a cannibal cyborg? I envision a cyborg that needs to feed on flesh to regenerate his body composition. Now that's a sick version of Frankenstein.

Guest Commentator CHROMESHINE says: "I prefer to live life without skin!"

VERSUS GIRL #46 - Kidnapping Hayden

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Tuesday, April 21, 2009 at 11:50 PM

This new Versus girl is one I've seen around so much that I just had to stalk her and kidnap her, just kidding! But that doesn't sound like a bad idea... Hayden Panettiere is the girl. After watching that movie "The Good Student" I really started thinking about kidnapping her bigtime, haha. For all you know she's tied up on my couch right now. I wasn't quite sure how old she was but she was in that new "Bring It On" movie so she ain't that old. That girl has a kickin' bod. I have a weakness for blondes you could say. Now you notice in this other pic with her wearing dark purple she looks even younger, but I never heard of her before "Heroes". She's wearing arm warmers, or are those leg warmers? And it looks kinda punky. Dare I say she looked even skinnier, with short hair too. Wow, what a difference, now she's all glamour and long hair and stuff. And here I thought she was some stuck up blonde hottie from Beverly Hills or something but her roots make her look a bit more like my type of girl. I still like her, those blondes that look stuck up get me every time. Well I just wanted to make an observation that she was hot as a younger teen too. I'm surprised that she was skinnier, she looked good. But I don't see her any different now. She may have a backside now, bigger hips, that I noticed in that cheerleading movie, but totally hot. I just like em' skinny myself. She's still skinny though, just not as skinny. She looks good in tight shorts in that cheer movie. They call her a sexy dwarf cause' she's short. That's the way I like em', short, skinny, and blonde! Did anyone know she had a tattoo? I wonder if she has a tat on that glorious butt? Show us Hayden, show it all!

Guest Commentator FATHER DIABOLICAL says: "Nobody kidnaps Hayden but me!"

Our Bodies Have Been Hacked

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Monday, April 20, 2009 at 8:42 PM

Versus Movie #59. Have you seen this movie, "The Gene Generation"? It rocked. Bai Ling stars in this one as an assassin working to kill DNA hackers. It was inspired by the comic "The DNA Hacker Chronicles". When you think about it that's a nice twist, the comic being about the hackers instead of the assassins. This movie was really well done and while it wasn't in the theater a movie like this could easily be produced well enough to actually be in one. They say the CGI wasn't the best, well that may be true but it showed great promise. I didn't even think about it till I read a review. The DNA hackers are people that find a way to get a new sequence into the DNA of someone to make them change into something else. One of the things they can do is put a DNA strand for intestinal tentacles to climb up through the throat choking someone while other intestinal tentacles burst through the eyes or nose or stomach. Or they could completely deform you like they did Faye Dunaway. She played a scientist that got the bad end of what could happen and her body was reduced to a bunch of tentacles and a head, the tentacles taking on the shape of her upper torso and hanging down. That is some sick stuff to imagine someone going through. But it was so sick in a way that made you think it could be real. Bai Ling is so cool at playing these type of characters and she even gets naked! Yes! Some people think she looks strange but I think she's hot. So you get to see Bai Ling have sex, sweet! The glove that was responsible for all this to happen was the creepiest part if you ask me, to think they could come up with something like that. It just floors you how bizarre that device was. And frightening. It did have a real world application of curing any disease by changing DNA without touching people, sounds like magic almost. The tentacles coming out of the glove though, that was freaky, it makes you say "What the Hell is that thing?" In a world where cities of people live in crevaces and huge cracks in the mantle of a fiery apocalyptic Earth and ships like pirate ships float one has to see the irony, that amazing technology only to keep us alive in the most grim of landscapes.

Guest Commentator THE DARK PRINCE says: "This future has no sunlight, nice!"

An All Consuming VR World


You've seen similar things in T.V. shows and movies. I can think of one that was quite similar, "The Outer Limits" had an episode where a guy lived underground after a nuclear apocalypse and his house underground was run using VR. If he wanted to go somewhere or meet someone, it was all virtual. He could go anywhere in the world in his own house, all in 3-D engulfing you. It all happens through the brain in VR so that's why it seems so real. If it's real to your brain then it's real to you basically. I do like certain aspects of this idea but could life ever become that detached of a society to use VR in almost everything? That would mean that you wouldn't have to leave the house to walk down the street to look for work. It means your employer could be virtual but still seem human in every way. It really is some sort of "Twilight Zone" sort of thing when you think about it, a means of possible survival in a post-nuclear world. You could materialize a dream girl in front of you and even make love to her while being able to feel everything, but she wouldn't even be real! Or a virtual wife. In the episode the virtual wife hates the husband for changing his mind and decides to make him "invisible" without really being invisible using other virtual characters that ignore his presence. What a nightmare that would be! But even if it did work perfectly would we want everything to be that way? Would anyone ever meet someone in reality? I think it's a great idea with many applications and it is true a person could get used to that way of life. It would make things a lot easier possibly, but only in a virtual world. It sounds appealing in some ways but I don't think anything could ever replace that sense of humanity and society.

Guest Commentator BLUE FIEND says: "It sounds like being stuck in a cage!"

Kids Like To Go eCrazy

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Saturday, April 18, 2009 at 8:41 PM

This girl here sitting with her mom was a victim of web harrassment. You know what that is? It's the new form of insanity that kids have picked up on. They can threaten the lives of other kids via the internet. How messed up is this? So the family ended up moving away due to fear of attackers coming to the house. I think this got taken a bit way to out of hand. This girl here is only 13 keep in mind and she had to put up with that, kids can be so insane without knowing it. Who would want to harrass this cute girl? She looks a lot like her mom doesn't she? It is true when you're that young you can get out of hand quite easy and not even know what you're doing. Is that like not knowing the difference between right and wrong yet? Not sure. But this opens up a huge world of possibilities now with the internet moving into almost every kid's home, and they know how to use the computers better than us. That reminds me of that movie "Hackers" with the 11 year old hacker kid, that's wild. If you were scared of kids before then the internet doesn't help, haha. It is true that people can just block other users from writing but I suppose harrassment would be worse than that somehow. I've been through that myself before a long time ago and it is bizarre to say the least. I couldn't even take it seriously though.

Guest Commentator FATHER DIABOLICAL says: "My she's a cutie patootie, father forgive me!"

Chewing On The Remains

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Thursday, April 16, 2009 at 1:37 PM

Versus Book #37 / Article #1,200! I imagine everyone is buying up all my comic ideas from comic shops so I have to make sure I buy a copy before I advertise a certain comic, haha. So this time I thought I'd show a comic that's not quite a collectible like the others I've mentioned. You can get the comics through my site directly to the biggest online comic shop too, while supporting my cyberpunk efforts at the same time! This comic is called "Remains", while not collectible I still love all zombie memorabilia. And the cover is classic with the waitress named "Flo" serving a head. That makes me laugh. But you never know if these sort of things could turn into more, it worked for "30 Days Of Night". I remember that comic in the comic shop but I never really paid much attention to it, even though I love zombies and vampires I tend to get drawn to the sci-fi stuff when I actually go to the comic shops. And all the Clive Barker stuff took my attention, haha. I think the name of this comic could be fitting for a movie even. As for plot, well don't expect a huge plot cause' in zombie stories it's simply about just being different than the last story. They're not demanding in that way. So if everyone buys this one I won't be too distraught. I will have to get one eventually though. I must say the artwork is very cool. Poor Grandma Flo is on her last leg!

Guest Commentator FLESHCRAWL says: "This is an outrage, zombies are real!"

eWaste Takes Over Nuclear Wrath


How many of us drive down the highway and see those huge stacks of doom rising over the hills? The nuclear reactor stacks. The ultimate pollution. Visions of deformed kids pop in mind. It seems there's a lot more recycling going on these days. It started ever since the decline in use of those huge nuclear reactors. They tend to litter nice farming lands for some reason and they ruin the landscape. But while there is more recycling there's a lot more to do later on. Ever since we started making more laptops, computers, and cellphones we've had a huge increase in what they call e-waste, which leaks toxic chemicals into the ground. One being lead. that's not very good. It's a tough thing to do though to figure out how to recycle lead and metal and other things though. This is the time for a major change and it has been starting. Some refineries are starting to use their own waste products to power their machines, which means a lot less waste in a landfill. I hate the thought of a landfill, it's a stupid idea that people came up with to a temporary problem. So anyways... I'm wondering if those farmlands are radioactive now cause' I still see cows roaming around all the time. The idea is to start working on clean nuclear but that's gonna take a while. I remember last that they found a bacteria that could live even in nuclear waste, which means if it can harvest bacteria then it can be recycled, we just don't know how to do it yet.

Guest Commentator X-RAY SALLY says: "We are the nuclear children, join us!"