The Most Gothic Party

Gothic is a very interesting movie. Back when renowned authors would take mind altering substances to get inspiration for their dark works they did things like absinthe. In this movie absinthe is the culprit for all the demented delusions. Some authors, who would later go on to be famous decide to have a party where they all go to the brink of madness for "inspiration". Interesting, given how boring people think authors are. Whether this is based on truth is hard to discern. Great movie made as a period piece. And it gets rather scary too!

How far would you go for inspiration for a best selling horror novel? Would you drink absinthe and suffer sever delusional episodes? Would you take a hallucinogenic substance that makes you see extremely scary things? And would you invite your writer friends to join in this party rife with debauchery and mayhem? A 'party' of writers decide to trip on absinthe like as if it were wine and what they experience can only be described as going to the edge of sanity. But you know what they say about absinthe don't you? How it made a lot of people go mad back in the day... yes it did. They really do almost go mad too. I think maybe that was the idea, if you don't go mad then you have your next book! Not a very well advised course of action for a writer however. The name is interesting, seeing as how they wanted to veer ever so close to death and madness without falling off the edge. I have a feeling it just makes for a great movie but in reality you never know how things would go. Oddly, I can see writers back then doing that for some reason, maybe because they didn't have other outlets, like television, the internet, etc. They weren't the closest of friends ironically. Do you dare take this trip!


Ready to play a game of chance? Or is it a chance of gruesome death?! Bwahahaha! Comment if you dare!


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