Wayward Pines Hold Secrets

Wayward Pines was an epic cyberpunk horror TV show set in a dystopian future. I love how the word dystopia really works well here as this future is not one we would wish on anyone. The illusion of paradise comes to mind only to be shattered soon enough. It shows human nature very well too because there was a sort of devolving of modern society mixed with modern living conditions. Yet the circumstances are nothing short of horrific. These 1 season shows have been growing on me since they take different routes than expected.

This is in fact based on a book. I didn't really know that at first but that makes it a bit cooler now. Some scientist had a feeling that something bad was coming for earth, some kind of plague or natural disaster or something else. How he knew is beyond me. That part isn't very well explained. He just felt humanity's days were numbered so he makes a big, hidden complex to store people in some ultra high tech storage facility. It's not quite cryogenic sleep, a bit more high tech than that, something I've never seen before. The idea is to take people from the past before a great disaster and  wake them up to restart humanity. Well the disaster was a plague that turned people into devolved beasts, which they blame on pollution. Some kind of virus that made people more like animals. I don't know how realistic that idea is or how the scientist could predict such a nightmare but he thought leapfrogging through time would be the answer. A bunch of people wake up in the future to become citizens in an isolated town surrounded by mountains on all sides. I like how they abducted people without their knowledge and they woke with no recollection of who they once were, thus allowing them to become new people. For some this was a blessing, for others a frightening nightmarish reality. Are humans worth saving at this point if only one town is left? And while humans devolved into animals outside of the steel gates around the town people devolved into barbarians inside the gates, turning on each other and sacrificing people. Scary future! Nobody is safe in this twisted reality where nobody remembers former lives.

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