Elfie Vs. Cannibals

"Elfie Hopkins: Cannibal Hunter" is a 2012 British horror movie that I just happened to find by dumb luck and I loved it. Gotta say Elfie was cute by the way. Cute name too. So they live in a small, dead end town, much like many we live in named Thorntree Valley, but she just calls it Thorntree. When you live in such a small town you may look for strange disturbances or happenings in your neighborhood. Almost everyone can relate to that feeling of wanting to get the hell out of the fishbowl you grew up in, and being paranoid of people there.

I can relate to that feeling of hating the small town you grew up in, haha. Elfie really needs to find something to do for fun in Thorntree so she looks for a detective style case to take on with her friend, this teen guy she knows. Together they seek to start their detective services, but how? Then something happens, new neighbors move in next door! And what strange neighbors they appear to be. They appear to be wealthy and snobby. Why would they move to Thorntree? That's what I would be wondering too. And so the mystery unfolds. Now that I think about it this vaguely reminds me of The 'Burbs. We all know that feeling, where you're wondering who lives next to you and you get those odd, paranoid thoughts. So they do indeed seem to be a normal, well adjusted family at first. I would think so too I suppose. They say they run a travel service to exotic places for 3 month trips. Right there I would highly suspicious. Why would you move from small town to small town offering exotic trips to far off destinations? Just doesn't sound legit. You know Elfie and her friend have to go snooping around to find out more like curious teens do. The characters in this movie were so vivid and out there. I enjoyed seeing such good acting from the strange family as well. Everyone in this town was Elfie's friend too so they all knew her. As you get to know this family more and more you really do start to fear for your own safety. Towards the climactic ending things really take a turn to horror and it is very welcome since I didn't know if this movie would even be gory at all. Oh but it is gory let me tell you! Can Elfie take on a family of cannibals on her own? Will she make it out alive? This is her first, and crazy, detective case!


Ready to play a game of chance? Or is it a chance of gruesome death?! Bwahahaha! Comment if you dare!


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