The bizarre story of some people out on a hike gone horribly wrong due to extremely strange supernatural circumstances in a town said to have mysterious disappearances happening. Why do people always go to those towns where they've heard about bad events transpiring? I have no clue but it makes for good movie watching. This movie is so out there that you can't really classify it. Of course I can appreciate the imaginative angle that it took into unknown realms of horror never seen before. I was impressed by the freaky ending.

"YELLOWBRICKROAD" is a movie that was made as part of the Bloody Disgusting Selects series started by the site Bloody Disgusting, similar to the Fangoria Frightfest titles, or the now Fangoria Presents series. I like most of the movies in these series. This one is kind of supernatural, but more in an indescribable realm. How do you describe that? It's not ghosts or monsters or aliens. Well, it might possibly be aliens but we would never know because nothing is given away. When nothing is given away easily then it leaves the viewer to come up with their own ideas for what happened. So some hikers go into the woods to find out what happened to some people that took the same route and vanished. Is this smart thinking? Maybe not the smartest but eventually somebody will look for missing people. Where it gets bizarre and creepy is when this odd high pitch frequency is heard by random members of the group. This high pitch signal drives them mad one by one. What was the trail leading to? What could be waiting at the end? Is it alive? Is it a scientific anomaly? We will never know. I love movies like this because you can create your own theory, but some people might find that really frustrating. They try to survive long enough to get somewhere or turn back but eventually it might be too late to turn back for some of them. Do they stand a chance or are they all doomed? You will have to watch to find out. I recommend this one. I'm o.k. with ghosts and monsters but I do like seeing imaginative concepts coming out. I was half expecting psychos in the woods or something. The name implies finding a wondrous place at the end of the road, but maybe it's more of a devious lure into unimaginable horror. The ending is impossible to imagine and I dug it. What's your theory on all this?

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