Skeleton Crew Up All Night

Skeleton Crew is one of those movies that takes place in an insane asylum. I love those type of movies but you don't see as many as you used to. In this one this crew is making a movie and the director goes a bit mad! You see, the asylum is the scene of grisly murders and the director finds the old films. Not a bad idea for a plot. Who hasn't wondered if any horror movie directors have ever gone mad? The idea is the gore would look the same as EFX so nobody would be the wiser. Kinda scary how true that is. Awesome movie.

There was a time when they made a good number of asylum horror movies but you don't see so many anymore. This is one of the best ones out there. And as usual, it's completely unknown. You gotta make movies like this for the fans of the sub genre because it isn't going to be a blockbuster, but we love it anyways. It veers and teeters on the edge of being possibly supernatural, or possibly psychological. You can call it a haunting if you want but it's really your decision. After this movie came out I started looking for more asylum horror and found some. It makes you wonder how many horror directors are actually raging psychos holding back their psychotic urges. The great part of this movie is the acting as the director slowly digresses into a complete psycho killer. I would say if you go off with a film crew to an out of the way, abandoned asylum with an unknown director then you never know what you're gonna get.  There should be more movies like this.


Ready to play a game of chance? Or is it a chance of gruesome death?! Bwahahaha! Comment if you dare!


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