The Girl With No Home

This is a recent art pic I made just because I totally remember this girl from "Cyborg". I looked up pictures of the movie and this was really the only one with the right expression on her face. I didn't care for the colors because they don't match my other artistic pictures, but it grew on me. It has enhanced coloring and a cartoon-like feel to it. My only rule of thumb is if I can imagine it on my wall then I've done my job. I keep thinking back on that movie. Such a sweet, sweet homeless girl. Too bad they never slept together in the film.

As you can see my artist name on is Kingofbugsandthings. I play with dead things! Some artists are better at drawing. I used to be an amazing drawing artist but after several car crashes and drug use long ago I find that drawing superbly only happens randomly, whenever it wants to happen. So I have to make like 30 crap drawings to get 1 or 2 amazing ones. Now days I do more digital art and graphic design. The thing with using older art from previous artists is sometimes some pics are only used once or twice and then never again, so an artist like me can revitalize, reinvent, and recycle some art that nobody really gave enough credit. The girl from Cyborg was young and beautiful and eager. The young ones are always horny. She stuck in my mind, either because of her cute smile or because of that incessant flashback technique used in this movie. It's an awesome movie that shows more production talent than most of the lot that show up on TV. It has lots of atmosphere too with the unique music. Amazing how such a sweet girl was homeless in a world of pirates and skeezers. "Skeezers", my word for skum dogs. She was somewhat tough though. I can't say I remember what happened to her so I might have to watch that movie again, and I've seen it a few times already. The director, Albert Pyun, brought a visionary concept to life with this film and I've since been seeking out other films by him. I think his vision made the movie what it was because without him it would never have all that dark atmosphere and inventive camera angles. I think about her character sometimes. Would have been nice to see more of her in the nude scene. Would have been nice if it developed into a sex scene too. He was hung up on a former love. Such a tough warrior should move on and find a new woman.

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