Successor To The Thing

Practical EFX are back in full force. You won't believe how good a monster movie can be.

Triumvir Foul Are Here

A grimy, dirty death metal sound is here with some wickedly interlaced chaos structures.

Zenescope Comics Rule

It's about time more attention was given to the female form. Sexy takes over action horror.

Shadows Of The Damned

The PS4 is awesome but this PS3 game is epic. It could make one insane horror arcade game.

Death Machine Kills

Death Machine is among the few perfect cyberpunk horror movie examples. Awesome flick.

Wayward Pines Creeps

Great show that redefines how a cyberpunk horror TV show can creep under your skin.

Latest Reviews

Dead Shadows Are Alive

Dead Shadows is a cool movie about some alien lifeforms that come to earth and wreak havoc. The digital EFX in this one are pretty cool. This movie got a good amount of press when it came out. There are some well done monster EFX too, like the spider lady in the alley. It has a lot going for it for being such an oddball from left field. The plot of course leads to a wild finish that may raise more questions than it gives answers. I'm o.k. with that story telling approach though. There's a good amount of digital gore in this one for ya also.

Skeleton Crew Up All Night

Skeleton Crew is one of those movies that takes place in an insane asylum. I love those type of movies but you don't see as many as you used to. In this one this crew is making a movie and the director goes a bit mad! You see, the asylum is the scene of grisly murders and the director finds the old films. Not a bad idea for a plot. Who hasn't wondered if any horror movie directors have ever gone mad? The idea is the gore would look the same as EFX so nobody would be the wiser. Kinda scary how true that is. Awesome movie.

Werewolf Hunger Never Dies

An American Werewolf In London is one of the greats. Back then the werewolf movies were popular. They were gory, uncensored, and ugly. They were extremely frightening and grotesque. You had no hope of living if you encountered one in the older movies. A werewolf can bite your head off in one bite, as seen in this movie. Think of one like a giant wolf with the strength of a huge man. The transformations in this movie were epic and drawn out to show the pain and suffering. If you like werewolves don't forget how scary they were once.

Meat Train Now Boarding

The Midnight Meat Train is a movie by Clive Barker, one of the great masters of horror. It was originally a short story he wrote long ago. That seems to be a trend now days, like Stephen King's The Mist, an old story of his becoming a movie. In this story there are some very gruesome parts as this madman kills people mercilessly and mechanically. He solely lives for death, but why? One man tries to get down to the bottom of this sick man's obsession and finds more than he bargained for. I love the surprise ending to this one.

Hardware Kill Protocol

Hardware is one of those movies that isn't made to make lots of money. It's made to be one of the best in its genre, being cyberpunk horror. A very precise genre with a very devoted following, even if they aren't blockbusters. Everything was spot on, the music, the killer robot, the atmosphere, the sense of dread, the bleak, dismal world inhabited by stragglers, the camerawork, and the message. It was a near perfect cyhorror flick. They just don't make movies with that quality now days and when they do it's not very often.

The Slime And The Grime

Bio-Slime is an underground horror movie that I bought on DVD as a pre-order because I love stuff like this. The EFX are very good for such an unknown movie and that is evident. It starts with some strange slime in a low rent building full of lowlifes and escalates to full on panic as the slime infests people, turning them into "things". It's a simple idea executed very well. Ideas like this could be done much cheaper so you never know. This one deserves to be recognized as a gem in the rough because it is a cool, freaky creature feature.

Kaiju Madness

Pacific Rim is kind of a modern day Godzilla tale. It's the American answer to Godzilla really. Everyone was proud of Guillermo Del Toro for coming up with this one. And not only do you have big ass kaiju but people fighting them in huge robots! Giant kaiju sent by aliens from within a rift opening that showed up in the bottom of the ocean is a great setting. I was wondering where the monsters were coming from. If you're a monster lover and a cyberpunk lover then this is the best of both worlds. If you see kaiju run or get in a jaeger!

Fanciful Death Vignettes

Not many people think about the comics that inspired the movie The Crow. The comic is rather dark and morose. It's a work of art really. The movies in the series do the comics no justice thought they are good. The comics are just more creepy and twisted. If you like the movie then you should definitely see what the true vision the creator had in mind was. You will get a new appreciation for gothic comics, you may ponder what death means, and you may even smile here and there. They stand out among the rest of dark literature.

Innkeepers Of Death

The Innkeepers is a nice addition to the many reality horror ghost story movies because this one was done better than most of the lot. It had a lot of hype by people in the industry too I remember, which doesn't normally happen with movies of this type. It's very similar in plot to others and the way it plays out is rather straightforward but there's just something about it that made it better. It was super creepy yet entertaining. It comes off like one of the ilk but ends up being unique with the two young volunteers that choose the dare.

Frozen In Desire And Fear

Frozen In Fear A.K.A. The Flying Dutchman is a made for TV thriller from the year 2000. It's actually not that bad. If you get the DVD version then it shows 'everything' that they don't show on TV. The DVD version has all the gore and nudity and sex in it. It's quite an erotic mind bender really. The classic case of whether or not to trust a guy, and the woman falls for him, questioning whether he's a madman or not, but she still falls in love deeply and things get rather steamy. Such an alluring stranger may not be sane in the end. Too bad for her.

Death House Soaked In Blood

Death House is easily the most anticipated horror movie of the decade. The Expendables was awesome for action but Death House is super exciting for horror! Almost every living horror icon will be in it, which is an amazing feat to even attempt. Not only that, but it has a VR horror angle that I like a lot, so cyhorror is coming back. I was wondering after The Cabin In The Woods what could possibly take the crown and now we have an answer. Both movies have a cyberpunk horror style plot and both will be prized in my creepy collection.

Scary Conceptual Experiments

Why is it that concept art is usually cooler than the artwork used in a movie? My theory is that maybe the concepts are more edgy and daring. Here's some concept art for a movie about mutants. Now I doubt the finished product was anywhere near this freaky but that's a shame. Is it too scary for most regular folk? Too dark for family audiences? Maybe, but then maybe they shouldn't stifle artistic freedom to please the masses so much. The grotesque can be very cool but usually only indie horror movies would dare take that route.

The Biggest Bug Of Them All

The Millennium Bug is one of my fave movies. It's an indie release made with absolutely no CGI and it turned out to be one of the best practical EFX monster movies in history as far as I'm concerned. The plot pokes fun at the Y2K scare with an actual monster instead of a computer bug ruining our computers in the year 2000. It's a crazy plot too, with some redneck hillbillies living in squalor capturing a family. Then the bug shows up and all hell breaks loose! I love how over the top it is. The gore and miniature sets worked so well together.

Heavy Metal Nightmare

Portuguese Nightmare: A Tribute To The Misfits is a very unique CD. I love how diverse the sounds are on this, and a good amount of them are rather heavy, like really heavy. That's welcome though since most tribute CD's don't dare try to be so bold in a choice of bands. The styles range from rockabilly, to grindcore, to anything in-between. Some sound like death metal while others sounds like extreme metal. Then there's a few that really stand out because they're nothing like the rest. All in all it's very cool. I love the artwork too.

The Most Gothic Party

Gothic is a very interesting movie. Back when renowned authors would take mind altering substances to get inspiration for their dark works they did things like absinthe. In this movie absinthe is the culprit for all the demented delusions. Some authors, who would later go on to be famous decide to have a party where they all go the brink of madness for "inspiration". Interesting, given how boring people think authors are. Whether this is based on truth is hard to discern. Great movie made as a period piece. And it gets rather scary too!

The Burning Ghost

Some artwork for ya! Ghost Rider is the tale of a guy sent to Hell only to be used to capture bad people by bounty hunting on Earth. So he's a slave to the forces of Hell trying to buy his redemption by gathering souls of the damned. Is there any redemption for a damned soul if you help harvest bad criminal types? Or are you just doomed to be a slave to the devil? I think a piece of us all hopes to seek some kind of redemption. His retribution shows no mercy. He is my anger. He is a living effigy of bitterness and revenge from the grave.

Scan Your Demons

Brainscan is one of my fave flicks. This was way ahead of its time with VR games, talking computers, and all that tech that we still wish we had. Hard to believe that we don't have those things yet. This movie was one of those treats that you could re-watch over and over. Maybe the awesome soundtrack helped too. A lot of lesser known metal bands. You don't see good movies with soundtracks like that much, or the cool EFX. Trickster was pretty creepy. Makes you wonder what people will go through in the future. Cyberpunk horror right here!

Feel The Kung Fury

Kung Fury is one insane movie! It's strange that I've never seen such a well done computer animation movie. The people that made this did a really good job. Can you imagine the amount of green screen involved? It's almost too good to be an indie film. I'd like to see a full feature follow-up to this one. The nerdy side of this flick is done in a very fast pace, arcade like action so you don't really dwell on how nerdy anything is. It's just more funny than anything. The whole thing feels like an awesome arcade game actually, with viking chicks!

Super Smart Aliens

Independence Day: Resurgence was the sequel we all waited for. I can't help but wonder how many people died during the scenes of cities being overturned and dropped back down though. Or the alien base landing on Earth; that would kill a massive amount of people. The things people never think about in movies. And they always have superior technology to us, which is hard to believe but it makes you think. Alternative evolution can do that maybe, like the idea of a lizard evolving into a lizard man instead of monkeys becoming men.

Darkest Vampire Writer

Out Of Stone by John G Rees is quite an impressive accomplishment. I've kept up with his entire series of books, which manage to bring vampire fiction to new territory without ever uttering the word 'vampire' even once. This is the final book in a series of 4 books. The dark imagery is impressively macabre and sadistic. You won't find any vampire novel that comes this close to being so absolutely horrifying. Though, if you can take it, the story is equally amazing and impressive. It is without a doubt the darkest vampire fiction around.

Wayward Pines Hold Secrets

Wayward Pines was an epic cyberpunk horror TV show set in a dystopian future. I love how the word dystopia really works well here as this future is not one we would wish on anyone. The illusion of paradise comes to mind only to be shattered soon enough. It shows human nature very well too because there was a sort of devolving of modern society mixed with modern living conditions. Yet the circumstances are nothing short of horrific. These 1 season shows have been growing on me since they take different routes than expected.

Death Machine Always Eats

Death Machine is one of those movies that goes into a special group of cyberpunk horror movies. It's a niche genre to say the least. And this is one of the best ones. Full of familiar faces and chock full of cybernetic action, you won't be disappointed. It's the kind of movie that you can watch more than once and I value re-watchability. From the evil corporations, to the done-up punks, to the outrageous cybernetic monster, to the hacking, and more it manages to be one of the greats. The EFX are pretty sweet in this one even now.

Shadows Full Of Demons

Shadows Of The Damned is one of those games that comes along and blows you away. They had a dream team of developers gathered to make it too. So now when you think of the PS3 you'll think of games like this one. Kids now have hi-def PS4 games but this one is not forgettable. It was so tough to beat but I finally did it with enough determination, up all night for several days. The horror imagery is exquisite and the story is pretty cool. I love the punk rock guy trying to save his girlfriend from hell. Do they ever escape hell? Does anyone?

Queens Of Your Desire

There's a comic revolution happening quietly for some time now. Sexy is the new wave of the future. I say it's about time more attention was given to the beauty of the female form, even if they are the ideals of men. No man needs ideals necessarily, but it sure is fun. I like seeing the maidens in distress in scantily clad outfits or evil villains in skimpy, come hither sweet nothings. They are busty but they're not really exaggerated to insane proportions. I think they look great and the stories are pretty sweet too. Top notch action horror for ya.

Hell From The Underground

Triumvir Foul can best be described as a very dirty, filthy, raw death metal sound. It's also a very thick, structured, hellish chaos that contains hidden guitar work and even some insane solos that never turn cheesy. I can say for some reason this is even original; maybe because it's very mean and rough around the edges. It's not some over produced studio death metal, although there's nothing wrong with that. These guys deserve street cred for staying true to slimy crypt style death metal. It's fast, evil, underground sounding hell.

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