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Conspiracy Theories Are Cool

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Monday, June 29, 2009 at 11:04 PM

I love conspiracy theories. When it comes to those I eat them up like candy I tell you!!! I have plenty of my own conspiracy theories backed up by cold, hard fact... but nobody believes me or refuses to look at the facts I have! Now I know a lot about things after writing on this site for 2 years and some things really are able to be exposed while others still demand answers. I've been into everything from Area 51, to bigfoot, to the Bermuda Triangle, to the Montauk Monster! Let's start with Area 51, they're a top secret Airforce base specializing in secret aircrafts. Well, in the past I'd heard they had insane security like mines all over the place. It sounds like a nuclear sub base, they're instructed to shoot on site if you're on the premises! Yikes. So in the news they had aircrafts revealed to be from there that looked just like the supposed UFO's! Case closed, until this new triangle aircraft came out. Well the Airforce did make a triangle aircraft but the new one is said to be able to go at 90 degree angles or any whenever it chooses. If that were real that'd be so insane. I'd like to know the truth. Now on to bigfoot. Bigfoot is supposed to be the missing link between men and cavemen. A theory I could go for actually. Since having a massive amount of "GH" and "T" would make a man grow insanely tall while having tons of hair and making him basically beast-like, so I guess we know now what would happen if we had too much of the "T" stuff. Kinda like the Hulk, you'd lose your mind and be like an animal with great strength but no personality because of having too much of those chemicals that we all have. So theoretically, it is very possible that a sasquatch could be real. In fact even now days if someone had a disorder with those delicate chemicals then they would be like a huge beast. On to the Bermuda Triangle, what can one say? The triangle tip is at the corner of Florida so that would mean any ship that goes in that direction off the tip of Florida could vanish? This is hard to believe for me but strange things have happened with finding greatly old ships around there that went missing. Some speculate a portal. Kinda like how they say in some town a bunch of frogs got sucked into a portal and fell from the sky over a town, wild! Even if that were true then Floridians would be in great risk of living there. Dunno bout' that one. Still very curious. And now with the Montauk Monster, very popular after the film "Cloverfield" came out. They say this Plum Island does experiments on animals to make hybrids. Or it could've been waste from Plum Island. Well, I have heard crazier things like giant crocodiles growing up in the sewer after being thrown away in the toilet. Or enormous rats. It is a possibility to me since these times bring that sort of fear. Like gene splicing. I wouldn't doubt it for a second. So what's your take on these theories? And this pic here of an alien, do you really think they'd leave a dead alien out like that for kids to look at?

Guest Commentator VIKING HUNTRESS says: "I would eat the Montauk Monster!"

Sublevel Frequencies


I got this idea freaky idea the other day while watching "Dark Angel" again. It's wild how that corporation Manticore was always trying to make new X5's with new powers. And in one episode you see Jessica Alba talking to a girl that can sway her thoughts with her voice. It turns out she was made for paranormal psi-ops by Manticore. That just takes it in a whole new direction. First you have to digest how she's got superhuman abilities then you have to realize that things will evolve from her. And an X5 that could alter a person's mind with their voice using certain brain waves is so high tech. That's the sort of thing that spooks you when you realize how real it could be. I thought about it for a while afterwards too trying to imagine how that could be possible. It's possible, but not in this lifetime. Unless some secret corporation does it. Ironically a lot of the things in this show were realistic. Like shady corporations funding high technology that they won't share with the government, which actually goes in in real life. And gene splicing to make a super soldier, I don't know why but that sure seems plausible. Then you got this whole paranormal thing going on. What could they make? That's freaky but it does seem like real evolution of those sort of projects. They only keep getting crazier and crazier.

Guest Commentator BRAINSUCKER says: "Is paranormal like subnormal?!"

Is That A Monster In Your Thong?

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Saturday, June 27, 2009 at 8:28 PM

Versus Science #62. Ya know when it comes to energy some things work. Monster energy drinks work. They should, they have some good stuff in em', and I'm not talking about the sugar, I mean the ginseng, guarana, etc. It even has B vitamins in it. I don't drink that stuff anymore since I'm trying to kick sodas but plenty of people might like it. The sugar content isn't that bad really, considering half a can is one serving. So if you have half a can that's only 26 carbs, reasonable. I think it could be made without caffiene but it wouldn't give you the "buzz". Only problem is caffiene works a little too well on me. I feel a bit jittery on that sorta drink. Now if they made a drink with no sugar or caffiene to O.D. on then you could suck those puppies down like there's no tomorrow, so it would benefit them to market towards the healthier stuff. They could have the same image with different ingredients and if there's no huge amount of stuff then you could drink it all you want. But still, for 26 carbs it's not that bad. They even have vitamin C in them. I always figure though that if you have an energy drink then you wouldn't want to eat any carbs in your meal with it. And sugar is a low quality carb. You could make that drink with whole wheat and still have the same flavor, without the kick. I know all too well that most people are probably drinking the whole can in one sitting. Just hope nobody gets diabetes. And in case you didn't know, sugar lowers testosterone. I could make a good drink but what would I use for the kick? In nature energy would come from fruit, and that never gives the buzz because it's not super concentrated sugar, it's watered down with nutrients. Don't get me wrong I love this drink but I have found myself drinking the low carb one now. I don't drink many sodas anymore, it's not good for digestion. And the phosphoric acid in things like Pepsi eats away at your teeth. To me this stuff is like tea, it's good for you until you put the creamer in it with all the sugar, which ruins the nutrients in the tea. Soon we'll start replacing other foods in nature I imagine, it's the start of something very cyberpunk. It's not that bad but it is a bit too much like dessert and not enough like real energy boosting to me. I'll stick to the testosterone monster. That means eating plenty of red meat! I have to admit thought that I'd buy Monster again cause' I love the flavor. But why do we like the chemical taste over natural ones?

Guest Commentator BLOOD MISTRESS says: "We drink a lot of Monster here in Hell!"

Revenge Of The Skinless


Versus Movie #63. Transformers is coming back for round 2 in umm... "Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen". Very cool title... except for the first part, haha. I'd call it just "Revenge of the Fallen". And I've been thinking about what this movie implies. It does impy a lot you know. Like how a machine could have a soul, or something much like one. A construct soul. or do they really have life? That's the 64 dollar question isn't it? I like how high tech this stuff is really, so high tech that it flies over the heads of the people watching these movies. People have no idea what they're really watching. Ideas like.. building machines with radiation. By emitting the radiation toward a machine it sends a blueprint of how to make a random transformer out of a million different variations but all within the specs set by the creator, within the radiation. Since radiation is information and it can store information that makes perfect sense. So the radioactive element known as the allspark has these blueprints inside of it waiting to carry out its functions by infecting a machine. This is a completely real possibility. Of course that's so insanely high tech that one would have to wonder how they came to be in the first place since Earth isn't that advanced. That itself makes for a whole other sub-story that's the making of a real sci-fi book type story. As for the plot of this movie... umm... you'll have to watch it. I find it funny how the guy in this movie ends up with that girl that Megan Fox plays, there's no way he'd end up with that girl unless he slipped her 100 dollar bills to do a strip tease! But it makes for a good movie. Would I be correct in saying with all those tattoos of hers that she's sorta the next Angelina Jolie, the tattoos totally remind me of those tats that Angelina has. Now make like a transformer and run for the nearest theater.

Guest Commentator CHROMESHINE says: "Cyborgs are much better... we have skin!"

Prototype Means Business

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Friday, June 26, 2009 at 2:35 AM

Versus Game #39. Is this the guy from "Assassin's Creed" in the far future? We may never know, but they both wear a hood! This guy is from "Prototype" for the PS3. I was weary of what to think of this game hearing that it had an open world similar to "Grand Theft Auto 4" with the map as a circle in the corner but then I checked it out, this game rocks! The open world really is the only way to do a game like this. To me "open world" means plenty to keep you entertained. In the case of this game that is totally true. Keeping up with the cyberpunk theme I decided on this one since I love mutants and plots with viruses or zombies or the like. What threw me off was how he can fly, but he's much more than you can imagine. He's got abilities that could only be likened to a super hero but his powers were created by science. Go figure that he ends up hating his powers and seeks to find out who did that to him. In the end isn't it all fate if he saves the city from a deadly virus? Sometimes things happen to us to make other things possible. If I were him I'd love having those powers. So he can't remember anything, damn, well that would suck though. This game to me is damn near perfect. The way he can absorb other people and look like them is wild, makes you wonder just what they did to him. I'd like to learn what happened. This game kicks ass and then some!

Guest Commentator BLUE FIEND says: "Now all he needs is some blue fur!"

Women Take Off The Veils

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Thursday, June 25, 2009 at 11:53 PM

I find some things so hypocritical. Like how a society driven by men's wants and desires could have such strict laws on women wearing clothing to cover their face and body but then you see all these sexy women in Bollywood movies. Maybe they're progressing and changing in some way, like the Berlin wall. I have to admit some of those Bollywood women are damn hot. You know how sometimes you find yourself pigeon-holing what you think people from a certain area look like but then you see someone that totally blows you out of the water. This girl here is pretty darn scantilly clad for those sort of cultures, it's a sort of strange double standard. In those movies the women become idolized and turned into sex symbols but in the rest of society you have to have the women covered up? That might not be the same in all areas or maybe society is starting to think of women as equals. It's a good thing to do cause' the next thing you know people are trying too hard to have male babies instead of females and that causes a society with too many men and far too few women. I would not want to live in a place with a shortage of women and a surplus of men, know what I'm sayin'! So it seems the movie and entertainment worlds create idols to worship all over the world, nice to seem we have some things in common.

Guest Commentator BONE COLLECTOR says: "Sometimes ya gotta mate with a human!"

Why We Shouldn't Juice


When it comes to building muscle people think they know everything. Those products they sell actually have a lot of science going on and you have to be a rather smart person to decide what to use, that is if you care about what you're putting into your body. The ingredients I mean. All those muscle heads have no idea what those ingredients do. Here you see a guy that was charged with steroid abuse. Yes, steroids are illegal, in case you can't tell by looking at his huge arms. The reason they work so well isn't even what you'd think. It isn't about raising testosterone, that will only make you stronger. What steroids do is increase your protein synthesis greatly to a point where you're growing faster than your strength gains, or your testosterone gains. And in my book that is scary, since it's supposed to be done with testosterone. The same thing happens if you have too much IGF-1, you end up growing fast but no change in athletic performance. You have to really be a scientist at heart to know what these products do. I find myself feeling so smart the more I learn and I know it's all about the big "T". But there are things to look out for. The doctor will tell you about injections, which are synthetic and kill your own production. So all natural increasers are the way to go. Products that stimulate more production are better always. And then you have to consider how much testosterone you really want, since it's not really about getting it all at once, a huge amount all at once will over-masculinate you. A steady increase over time will keep you stronger. Actually growth hormone balances the hormones, so if you took that then you'd have a high amount of testosterone along with everything else balanced, as if to say your supposed to have high growth hormone to do that. And testosterone increases IGF-1 which in turn increases growth hormone which in turn increases testosterone again... it's a cycle. Too much growth too quickly won't give you the prized definition that we all really want.

Guest Commentator FLESHCRAWL says: "He could smash my zombie head!"

There's A Future For Punks

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Tuesday, June 23, 2009 at 11:23 PM

If it weren't for punks there'd be nothing trying to push the boundaries. I bet in the future punks will be even more outlandish than they are today, if that's possible. It is, but it's hard for some of us to believe. Modern day punks have tattoos on their faces, arms, necks, and everywhere visible, basically everywhere you wouldn't want to get a tattoo if you were going for a job interview, haha. But punks obviously only get those tats cause' they know they're not going to get hired anywhere, and if they do it'll be a job that doesn't care what you look like. Manual labor usually doesn't give a damn, like construction. We all imagine future punks being more metal than human I think, with those spike mohawks and spikes on their faces, on their lips, etc. But what will they do in the future? What ever it is it'll be even crazier. I imagine punks will always be there to show us what it could be like to be uninhibited. I hate the fact that we have to watch out for how we look to get a job, it pisses me off sometimes. The punks that do have jobs tend to be able to afford their fun and get tats as a status symbol so as to say "Hey I got money!" Because tats show you got dough. I think in the end punks are necessary in their own way because any of us could be those guys if things went differently. The punks are the outcasts, and being outcast is something that most of us can relate to even if we're not freaks. I imagine punks in a future similar to "Star Wars" would be more like "mutants" than anything else. My theory is punks are the beginning evolution of all that stuff we see in "Star Trek" with all sorts of weird looking people. Someday punk won't even be called punk anymore.

Guest Commentator FATHER DIABOLICAL says: "Damn punks sleep in the church bathroom!"

Organic Mechanics

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Monday, June 22, 2009 at 5:55 PM

Versus Art #54. This wallpaper from some anime movie is pretty damn sweet. I like the way it's sorta like a cyborg but not. I have this theory that in the far future well past the cyborg days there will be what we think of as ways to control mechanics without anything else but our minds. Bioelectricity. That could be mixed with technologies such as advanced nano-technology and you got yourself what appears to not be science but is without knowing it. And in that way you could have those parts behind her floating in proximity to her body and those spikes on her hands floating with her hands inside them. It's sorta like a super advanced vision of cybernetics. This would allow for technology that doesn't even seem like it like floating houses or cars. I don't doubt that the word psychic will become a major thing in technology someday. But my fear is when you can control electronics with your mind could the electronics control you? You have to admit that this could happen if a machine was given enough A.I. In an age where electricity is no more but machines still run you have to wonder how much alike man and machine would become. It would allow for armor that has immense strength without even being that thick and food that nourishes you with just a slight amount. I see all this from simply looking at this picture.

Guest Commentator SPUN BETTY says: "Bio-what? That is some deep stuff man!"

Galerians Should Be A Movie

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Sunday, June 21, 2009 at 1:23 AM

Are you with me!? If you think the game "Galerians" should be a movie then you better start writing the right people in charge. I think there should be a list signed with a bunch of names sent in or a bunch of people sending letters or tons of people calling. If any game was worthy of becoming a movie it was this one. I loved the use of psychic drugs to get you to use your powers. What they don't tell you is that you could make the wrong choice and not have enough of one or the other at a very important point in the game, kinda like what happened to me when I ran out of Delmetor at a really critical point. It pissed me off, sure, but it reminded me that this game is a challenge. And that just goes to show you what a real game is like, you could get really far and forget one thing and end up having to start all over, ouch! But that rocks. It makes you stay on your toes, much like life. So if this game was a movie then I bet it'd have the best story and special effects this side of "Jumper" Or "Transformers". Get a bunch of unknowns to play the characters kinda like they did in that "Twilight" movie and you got yourself a great idea. When it comes to psychic horror action you know you'd have to have a brain or two bursting or a couple nosebleeds!

Guest Commentator BLUE FIEND says: "I'm sorta psychic, my mind hurts!!"

The Ministry Of Black

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Saturday, June 20, 2009 at 11:59 PM

Versus Music #32. If you're a real fan of industrial then you'd know that one of my fave bands would be this one here "Ministry". I've loved this band ever since I was a lowly gutterpunk living on the streets of Seattle as a teenager. Back when you could get 3 meals a day through teen shelters and I even knew of a few with only teen girls, those were the best! Back when the only thing you cared about was getting a 40 ounce of malt liquor and listening to the new Ministry song! That band was legendary in the industrial circuit and still is. So how do they manage to stay on top? Well they changed with the times. I noticed they got heavier, a lot heavier. Some people don't understand what industrial guitar is but I just call it more machine-like and less twangy. From industrial you can have industrial punk, or industrial death metal, etc. It's the ultimate medium. I've even heard industrial black metal. This band shows you that if you're a cocky new band in the genre that you have something to fear if you're thinking you got no competition. I love the song "SeƱor Peligro", very heavy. And I remember I was in love with "Animositisomina" but they kept getting heavier and heavier with age. Many good things do come with age I've noticed. A lot of actors do cooler work with age, and bands get more aggressive. I think as a band you have to enjoy playing the newer stuff more and in the case of this band that would definitely hold true. Some people might not like how they mix politics with rock but that's just the punk in them showing that they aren't afraid to show they got balls. Time to put on your black and wear your dark black sunglasses!

Guest Commentator QUEEN OF BLASPHEMY says: "They have the power of Satan on their side!"

The Devil Would Ride A Superbike

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Friday, June 19, 2009 at 6:36 PM

Will we ever see the superbike? I've heard that these experiments costed around $500,000! That's a lot of dough. The Ferrari one is just a prototype design that could possibly be produced but I bet it'd cost like a cool mil easy! They say it has the hand controls adapted from an F16 fighter jet and the buttons adapted from an F1 race car. It also features touch screen controls. Wow, can you say wild. I bet Shotaro Kaneda from "Akira" would be jumpin' for joy if he saw this. It does look a lot like something you'd see in an anime doesn't it? The question I raise is how easy is it to stay on this bike? It looks like you could take a corner leaning in and fall right off! It's a concept designed for style but it looks sorta dangerous, sorta maybe. And the other bike, the Dodge Tomahawk from back in 2003, this is a cool machine but it isn't even street legal. You know why? Well, for starters it has the same engine as the Viper, a 500 horsepower engine which can go 400 m.p.h., and it requires specially made breaks to even stop, yikes! The other part that's scary is the fact that you can't really steer this thing! I mean look at it, those wheels weren't meant to turn. And there's no mirrors like the other bike. If you ask me the superbike is still a dream of many but only the damn rich could afford it anyways. Akira fans are keeping their fingers crossed.

Guest Commentator THE LUSTY NUN says: "Superbikes really, really turn me on!"

The Evil Badguys Vs. Space

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Thursday, June 18, 2009 at 6:38 PM

Vs. Match #18. Did anyone catch that last "Leprechaun" movie? I think it was "Leprechaun 4". The one where he's in space. Yeah the one where he's on a spaceship, as insane as that sounds, and he gets turned into a giant. This movie isn't the new Versus movie, it's just sorta cyberpunk in ways. I remember a guy that followed you around the room with a screen watching you in the lab, and then when he finally came out to talk he was more or less a head and arm attached to a rolling robot. The only thing human about him was probably his brain. Then the guy has some spider DNA mixed into his system and turns into a giant spider-like man. That was some really messed up stuff. Can you imagine people doing that? I bet someday it will. They actually had a lot of high tech ideas in that movie, it surprised me. Of course the idea of a leprechaun is far from cyberpunk itself but this isn't the only movie to go that way. The "Hellraiser" series also went to space to kill pinhead. Several other movies followed this trend, like "Jason X". All the badguys went to space to die it seems. What is it about space that makes it the final battle ground? I think it all must've started with that 80's movie "Critters" with those carnivorous furballs from space. It goes to show you that cyberpunk is the final frontier. Cyberpunk reigns supreme. Will Freddy Krueger ever die in space?

Guest Commentator HARVESTER OF SORROW says: "Why does that leprechaun look like my son?!"

Just Say No To Super Soldiers

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Wednesday, June 17, 2009 at 10:48 PM

Does anyone in their right mind think a super soldier is a good idea? This is the sort of thing that made the whole premise in "The X-Files" in the last episodes. I think it's something that the government will always try to do no matter what anyone thinks. You can imagine in a future where cyborg parts are commonplace replacements for body parts that a soldier might "upgrade" himself to do more damage in war. The thing is it all starts with what the enemy does, and then we decide what to do from there. So if the enemy makes a killer cyborg we have to come up with something that can defeat that. Next thing you know we have killer cyborgs running around killing other enemy killer cyborgs. First people will get hand replacements, then eye replacements, then legs, or arms, or organs, and then eventually people get the idea to do other drastic things. It will happen someday if we take that route and it most likely will. I just think it gives us another nightmare to worry about when a super soldier decides to go rogue on us. Then we have to send in another to take him out. It's bad business. But for some reason people never seem to learn until it's too late. I don't think I'd like to upgrade myself, I mean really you end up being strong enough to lift a car and you become something that's not human.

Guest Commentator CHROMESHINE says: "Yes you are all doomed, so give up!"

Damn Those Aliens To Hell


Horror Girl #23. This film got a lot of mixed opinions from fans, but to me it was pure awesomeness! That film is "AVPR" as I call it, or "Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem". And if you were paying attention to that movie you'd notice that cutie that was flirting with the pizza boy. Her real name is Kristen Hager but she goes by Jesse in the movie. I know this movie isn't exactly what you'd call a horror movie but the girl Jesse did end up getting cut in half! That was the only disappointment I had, hoping the underdog pizza boy would get his girl. But no! Denied the carnal pleasures of the town hottie by death from alien blade flying through the air! So what happens to the cool guys in that movie? They all get their heads blown off! So to me I think that could really be classified as a horror movie don't you think? I love how far they took this one with the predalien. That creature gives me the heebee jeebee's! And the tactical bomb used on the town with the military telling everyone to meet up with the Army in the center of the city, all a lie, I'd be so damn pissed. Well, before the town explodes that is. if you ask me though if you're one of the smart ones wouldn't you think it best to not go to the middle of the city infested by alien monsters? Get out of town! I hear they're making AVPR2, I sure hope so!

Guest Commentator BONE COLLECTOR says: "Sorry boss it had to be done, she was evil!"

Be Cool, Get A Minigun Now


Ever wanted a minigun? I know I have! I'd tear some stuff up! Then I'd go find those stupid ex-best friends and do a number on their vehicles! Or their houses. Kinda like that guy in Predator sawing down the forest. What could you possibly need one of these for? Either suppresion fire or destruction. I suppose if you don't feel like carrying a bunch of grenades or rockets then this gun might be a good next choice. And you know who'd use it don't you? Probably only special forces would be able to use this badboy cause' nobody in the Army will ever use it. I can see why the special forces are so special now. I wish I was special, haha, that's a joke. You have to imagine that you'd have to be rather buff to even carry the ammo pack on your back plus the gun itself in your hands. That just sounds like a workout. I do love the video-game-esque control with button on top to shoot this thing. It's ironic how video games really do teach us a lot because you'd have to shoot this thing just like you would in a video game. Now they try to copy it by making paintball miniguns. That sounds like paintball punishment. I'm a fan of the Nerf Vulcan minigun myself. And in this other picture you see a great moment in minigun history, in "The Matrix".

Guest Commentator BLUE FIEND says: "Question... is this gun childproof?!"

Planet Hulk Hardcover Kicks Ass

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Monday, June 15, 2009 at 6:36 PM

Versus Book #41. And yet another one of my secrets revealed, why do I do this? When it comes to comics you can do anything you want. You can make a graphic novel or you could make a regular comic or you could make a hardcover graphic novel for the special editions. And sometimes they're the size of two magazines in thickness. Other times they're really thick like a book. You are only limited by your imagination with writing. This makes me think about what I'm trying to do with my writing. I like the idea of a hardcover that's not huge. So this special hardcover edition "Hulk" collection is spiffy as it gets. "Planet Hulk" is the name. If you ain't got a Hulk hardcover then you ain't stylin'. The comics are much different, he fights beasts on other planets, gets enslaved (I think), and becomes the leader of another race, it's far out stuff. Much cooler than you ever knew! The comics make the Hulk seem like something totally different. That's the sort of stuff that could make a new movie if they felt like it. Comics take every possibly path. I've never seen a comic collection in hardcover so this is a classic edition for sure. It may not be the first, but you never know. If you love the Hulk then you should get this for the collector. And no matter what they say, comics are not for nerds. Only nerdy comics are for nerds. This ain't nerdy. Look at that tricep bitch! He could kick your ass! Get with the green!

Guest Commentator TOUGH GUY says: "He doesn't look that tough... well maybe he does!"