Fanciful Death Vignettes

Not many people think about the comics that inspired the movie The Crow. The comic is rather dark and morose. It's a work of art really. The movies in the series do the comics no justice though they are good. The comics are just more creepy and twisted. If you like the movie then you should definitely see what the true vision the creator had in mind was. You will get a new appreciation for gothic comics, you may ponder what death means, and you may even smile here and there. They stand out among the rest of dark literature.

If you liked the movies then the comic is that much creepier, darker, and sadistic in every way. You could say the movies were stylized to be action films while the comics aren't exactly all action.  If you were lucky back then you could have snagged a graphic novel or two compiling the series. I loved the series of movies but the comics are a whole new world. It's like imagining the "Sandman" comic series as a movie, because it wouldn't be the same. The characters in these comics have a fascination with death and teeter on wanting to be alive or dead. It is a very gothic view in some ways, though gothic doesn't have to mean those things. I think the comics would help you appreciate the movies that much more because you could see how it all started. You may find them to be very different indeed. The idea is the main character that has been resurrected by the crow feels sort of numb knowing that his time is over, that he is a vessel, a caricature, a shell of a man that once was, so his view of life is forever changed knowing he was dead. His view of the living is different as well. And in some way maybe gothic people can sometimes relate to that feeling of being dead inside. His sole purpose is to feel vengeance and live for revenge. His pain has consumed him.


Ready to play a game of chance? Or is it a chance of gruesome death?! Bwahahaha! Comment if you dare!


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