Innkeepers Of Death

The Innkeepers is a nice addition to the many reality horror ghost story movies because this one was done better than most of the lot. It had a lot of hype by people in the industry too I remember, which doesn't normally happen with movies of this type. It's very similar in plot to others and the way it plays out is rather straightforward but there's just something about it that made it better. It was super creepy yet entertaining. It comes off like one of the ilk but ends up being unique with the two young volunteers that choose the dare.

I like to think the cast played a part in the success of this movie. The characters that tended to the needs of the guests were young, naive, and adventurous. They were the college type and fearless. And you know how young people never believe in things like hauntings. They were informed of the haunted building being dangerous but they volunteered for the job because they needed the money. Sounds about right. It plays out like a ghost hunting show mixed with a scary movie when they start wondering what's going on. I do like the fact that this movie wasn't made to follow formulas in the same genre. It is ghost reality horror but it's a tad creepier and scarier than others. That added boost really helped I think. The guy chooses to be a non believer until something spooks him. When he becomes convinced then the woman chooses to be a non believer. Will it be too late for them? Will they be smart enough to get out? Well, they were hired to work there so that keeps them from leaving. Being friends, one of them wouldn't leave the other there also. I wouldn't call the scares jump scares but more haunting scares that worked effectively. This movie changed my mind about ghost stories. If more ghost haunting horror movies had scary endings then they would creep you out.


Ready to play a game of chance? Or is it a chance of gruesome death?! Bwahahaha! Comment if you dare!


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