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The Right Vs. The Wrong Medicine

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Monday, October 31, 2011 at 5:53 AM

Vs. Match #30. Most people don't like the thought of medication. Neither do I. I have my own reasons though. I don't trust most medicines that the doctor might prescribe even though they might be saving someone's life right now. I just don't like the way it's structured. The medicine world has this way of releasing medicines that sate the problem and keep it at bay, but they don't get rid of it. Doctors don't look for the root cause of the problem. The medicines are not cures. They just keep you going. That can be really good though depending on your needs. I just look at things differently than most. I can't cure cancer but I can tell you with a certainty what contributes to it. You would have to have really low hormones to even get cancer in the first place. I don't agree with the treatment for it using radiation that kills your immune system. There's gotta be a better way. I've found that there are a lot of natural supplements that the doctor won't recommend that can do a better job. I bet a lot of people have noticed this too. When you're trying to cure a problem that's much different than masking it in order to get by. It takes a different approach and a different mindset. In the information age anyone can learn about stuff. If medicine doesn't cure you is that the same as keeping you sick for profit? Maybe. I doubt it's that complicated but it could be. Ya never know.
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Guest Commentator FLESHCRAWL says: "No medicine can bring you back to life. This I know well! Trust me on this one!"

Altered Man Thirsts For Blood


Going back to the 80's now to find a really weird movie. This movie was very bizarre and ambitious. "Altered States" was a movie in the spirit of creature features but it didn't have a werewolf or anything like that. It's hard to explain so  I'll start with what I gathered. Scientists were doing experiments on people in a deprivation tank to try to summon a primal state. This sounds like something out of "Fringe" on FOX but it's not quite the same. They have a deprivation tank but they don't do anything that insane with it. It's so fringe science it's not even funny. You'll be shocked and horrified when you see just how far this experiment goes. You'll see a lot of visions that looked somewhat Satanic in nature. You'll see a melting man. You'll even see a man revert to a caveman with a hunger for blood. The most primal state would be a cannibalistic sort of caveman. A bloodthirsty caveman would be similar enough to a werewolf in my opinion. This is the type of science that would only be conducted by scientists that got kicked out of other institutions. I would say it's mad science showing what can happen if you dare delve into fringe elements. Some might find interest in experiments of that nature but that is frightening. I liked this movie a lot for being so off the wall. The dark side of science can be darker than you think.
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Guest Commentator FATHER DIABOLICAL says: "This movie scared the crucifix right off of me! I hear caveman-ish sounds in the church!"

Surrogate Robots Take Over

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Sunday, October 30, 2011 at 11:20 PM

Versus Movie #104. This movie "Surrogates" was an interesting movie. It was cyberpunk but it really made me think about life in different ways too. The thing is cyberpunk can take different meanings depending on who you're talking to. Most of the time people agree. Sometimes a movie makes you really question reality on a deeper level and that's when you know its done its job. I can't really imagine a life where people sleep in odd upright coffin-like cases while robotic copies of them live out their lives. That's sorta scary to me in the fact that people would get that lazy. You could see it in Bruce Willis when he's pleading with his wife to come back to reality, but she became a recluse that looked awfully weathered while her robot self was beautiful and able to be everything she wasn't. The robot selves are more confident and they're basically the best part of us that we hide. The problem is they aren't us so people don't share the experiences. They just become bedraggled hermits in pajamas. People become afraid to live. They fear failure, love, making friends, getting along with family, and basically everything that we fear now. But in the movie you get the sense that people gave in to those fears just to have robots do what they can't. It's preposterous really. The robots can have sex without getting diseases. They can pass job interviews with ease. They can impress the opposite sex. They can even be cooler than you'd ever be. They can change their looks or style or attitude while you never really change. But in exchange you loose your life. I don't think a robot living my life could ever make me feel better. What would I do? Sit at home watching T.V. while my robot self does all this cool stuff? It shows how bound by fear we can be. I hope others can see what I've seen in this movie. It's a great, absurd idea. The ending is fitting. This one inspires me with ideas.
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Guest Commentator X-RAY SALLY says: "My robot self is so much cooler than me. It's so depressing! I can't bare it!"

Robotics On The Rise


Here we got a cyborg hottie. The other is a cyborg arm. Neither exist in reality yet but one can imagine. The premonition I had was that those replacement parts may lead the way to even more replacements until people could possibly have all 4 limbs replaced by cyborg parts. And then the black market will sell to the highest bidder to anyone that wants one. That means some people would get parts for fun or for strength or to be bulletproof even. This is starting to make me wonder about robotics. We're at the start of it all right now but someday the world might have tons of robots everywhere in a post-apocalyptic world much like "Armored Core" where two corporations duke it out for control using mech-suited warriors. If that's the fate of mankind then that would be quite surreal. I won't live long enough to know though. Current events are surreal enough to me. Anything truly dystopian is so surreal that most of us wouldn't know about it because most of the time it would include a conspiracy of one or the other. Will humans fall for cyborgs? Will they be able to mate someday? And of course the one responsible for all this would deny it all and be a cyborg himself probably. Some cult leader maybe. Robots are our friends for now. The far future is impossible to predict really.
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Guest Commentator CHROMESHINE says: "She's splendid! How much does she cost? I feel so naked without my skin!"

Personalizing The Theater Xperience

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Friday, October 28, 2011 at 8:07 AM

Most people like movies. And movies have been around for a long time now. They'll be around for a lot longer too. The question is how much longer? I'd have to say I like the current age I live in since the future won't have movies when they evolve enough. What will they become? Well I imagine when VR gets to be more popular and 3-D is really real then anything is possible. Add to that some form of AI that allows you to control the outcome of characters in the film and you have something much different. I don't know what that would be like but I like the non-interactive movie experience. Or maybe they'll have something much different. Like you put on a helmet and see everything in your head for a personally customizable experience. I don't know but all I do know is it'll be nothing we can hold. Just interactive downloads, much like computer games. Backing things up, I was thinking that if theaters ever close then they'll stream movies to computers as they come out, instead of a theater. Or maybe they'll start with the option to go to the theater or download. Then as that gets more popular conventional theaters will seem old fashioned. How sad would that be? In this theater is a home theater room. Not many of us can afford one but I was just thinking what if this was the only way to get the theater experience in the future? Start saving for your home theater now kids. If you start now it'll only take... well you get the idea. It's worth it.
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Guest Commentator THE EVIL SCHOOLGIRL says: "Oooooh if movies were interactive then I could be the killer!"

Inventive Technologies

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 8:12 PM

Versus Tek #45. I've heard of memory foam, and that's made by NASA so they say, but that's about the extent of my top secret knowledge. In "The Dark Knight" Batman has a cape made of a material that can take shapes when charged with electrical molecules. This material is not available anywhere so you know this is a covert type of project. I can imagine it existing but not in the known world. I bet there are many things that we don't know about when it comes to technical advancement. In that movie the research was done by the R&D department. He also made titanium armor plating for his suit and a marvel of vehicular invention, the tumbler. Let's not forget the cell phone tracking to make a map of the city. That brings to mind recent events with soldiers getting tracked by cell phones by their enemies. That's not allowable in my opinion. That shouldn't be possible. It really is safe to say that many inventions could be modern marvels with no place in the commercial world. At least not yet. It won't be soldiers using this radical technology though. It'll be covert special ops teams not recognized by the military. People with the necessary funding could create things not yet seen. There might even be a military application for this thinking if special ops ever goes in that direction. In this way they could have an edge against enemies by having higher technology. The freaky part is imagining rogue groups with unknown technology. It sounds like something out of a movie but I bet it is a possible threat. The only way to treat that threat is with even higher technology.
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Guest Commentator THE DARK PRINCE says: "He's no bat. I'll show you what a real bat is like! Come closer!"

Life In Engine City

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Wednesday, October 26, 2011 at 9:53 PM

Versus Book #69. I was drawn to this book for some reason. "Engine City" by Ken Macleod reminds me vaguely of that movie "Dark City". There are faint similarities but I doubt the author had them in mind. You never know. The quite complex plot is the type you would expect from new science fiction. We have intelligent life roaming around all throughout space in nano-bacteria. These so-called gods give life to intelligent squid-like creatures and bipedal dinosaur humanoids. On top of that you have people trusting in technology to transcend them to a newer level of consciousness to no avail. The political classes increase in number with so many species crowding the galaxy, thus leading to questions of a possible overpopulation of the universe. People find spider-like aliens known as multipliers that are extremely intelligent and offer humans a strange sort of immortality by allowing nano-bots into their blood, while giving the hosts heightened senses and a feeling of collective consciousness not felt by technological advances. This is such a complex plot that I get excited just thinking about it all in one book. Maybe for this reason I'm drawn to it. The Dark City reference would be how aliens can offer us something but we don't know whether we can trust them. Will the humans still be human afterwards if they accept this gift? In Dark City the aliens used dead vessels to prolong life unwillingly but this story is not so gothically charged. The question is whether people should trust in technology, or in these nano-gods, or in these multipliers that have been at war with us long ago. The psychic element of Dark City made me think of all the questions of transcendence in this book. Why is it so important? Should we take it? I've never imagined a story like this and I think it's good stuff. This is the third in a trilogy. The 'gods' are supposed to be what killed the dinosaurs. Now if that's not enough for you then you're looking for something easier to read. I like it though. The real question is whether humans are doing exactly what the gods want them to do or if it's choice. What's the agenda of these nano-gods and these spider-like aliens? Population control? Mind control? Or are they friends? Yeah, it's a deep one alright. This sounds like a technological paradox. Works for me.
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Guest Commentator BONE COLLECTOR says: "I have no gift to offer humans but I do have a mean plasma rifle for you to obey!"

The Final Injection


You may have never heard of this movie. I never have either until now. "Final" is the film. It's hard to find Googling unless you look up Final Denis Leary. If you look up "The Final" that's a different movie. So this movie was really slow but it has a lot of good reviews. I had a hard time following the flashbacks because not much was explained but you understand it later on. The story is a guy wakes up in an asylum that seems to be oddly placed far away from most any signs of civilization. He doesn't feel crazy so he keeps talking to the doctor like as if he knows what he's talking about. It sounds like mad gibberish though since he's mixing up two realities. The reality in his memory is not the reality he lives in due to certain events. He was in an accident that put him in a coma and he was signed up for cryotherapy by his wife. The poor guy spends most of his time thinking he's losing his mind when the doctor is just trying to get him to remember what happened to him. The problem is the doctor can't just say you've been frozen for 28 years or so. In the end he learns the truth only after falling for the psychiatrist and you can't help but feel sorry for him. His paranoia was real. There was a reason however, as it turns out he was the only man with anti-viral cells in his brain stem that could put an end to some huge plague pandemic spreading over the world. The sad part is this cryotherapy wasn't to revive him to live later, but to sign away his life to these people that can do what they want with him. It's a really slow drama with a sci-fi twist on a low budget. I get the feeling that if this was done differently on a bigger budget it could come off different. Still, I like it for what it is. The emotions are there between the two main characters and you have to have an open mind to get into it.
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Guest Commentator BLUE FIEND says: "They thought I was crazy but they were wrong. Dead wrong! Hahahaha!"

To Be Natual Or Superhuman

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Saturday, October 22, 2011 at 3:58 AM

When it comes to sports a lot of people might be tempted to juice or gene dope. It's a dilemma that still plagues sports to a an extent. It's not totally rampant but it does pose a future threat when athletes could get gene therapy at will or by black market. What really seems hard to imagine is how controversial things like this will be watered down some day and people will get designer babies. That means an athlete could be designed since birth. Isn't that the same thing as gene doping on some level? I think designing people in any way is bad for athletics because that means the events will have to be harder in some way. What would that be like. Insane events that people now days could never compete in? That is a possible odd reality. It's funny enough to think that some people have better genes than others in the first place. Everyone is different for a reason. There are things that one person can do that another person can't. I don't think we have to over value height as being more of a leader or stronger. In this picture is Michael Phelps, the swimmer that won numerous gold medals. That's almost impossible to do without juicing. The man is determined no doubt. I think athletes should be natural if they think their genes are so much better than the rest of us. If they're so different than us then they don't need to add to that and become superhuman. If they're blessed then natural is not a burden. The same goes for cyborgs in the future. Will cyborgs be allowed in sports? I don't think they should be. You never know what goes in the future.
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Guest Commentator CHROMESHINE says: "I can run faster than a cheetah. Why can't I compete?!"

The Thing That Should Not Be


Versus Movie #103. Well after watching the new movie "The Thing" I have to say CGI EFX are getting a lot better than they used to be. Everyone now and then there's a cheap horror movie with lame CGI though. Not this one! This movie kicked some ass! I love mutants and monsters so this was the movie to see for me this year. The story is very similar to the original so I don't really know if this was a prequel. That was the rumor but I don't see how really. It just seems like a remake, hence the same name. I mean a prequel wouldn't have the same name would it? I don't think so. This movie stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead, the hottie from "Live Free Or Die Hard". Good role for her. The attention to detail is what counts in this remake since one could easily say the story doesn't deter much. There's a lot of scientific stuff to back up the reason for it and the spacecraft find is just icing on the cake. That makes it truly awesome if it wasn't awesome enough already. So it's a parasite that mimics the human cells. That's a really freaky evolution of a parasite to imagine. I always say it's the things inside of us that we should fear the most. Big beasts are freaky too but imagining a parasite or virus gone turned monstrous is truly nightmarish. It is the most horrific thing you could imagine coming across no doubt. You just might not think about it when in the movie 'cause it's so cool but you gotta imagine in real life the mutations would cause you to really drop your jaw and run! The use of flamethrowers likens to the first one. I wouldn't have minded seeing some massive artillery but fire is fun, and bright. The beast itself can't stand extreme cold or hot weather. It also can't replicate inorganic material, which is all the more reason to use big machine guns on this thing if it were possible. But it wasn't. It's quite fragile in a way so it has to be aggressive in order to survive. Very aggressive! Ironic how fragility and aggressiveness could go together. It's main agenda was to reach civilization and take over Earth. Good thing it landed in the Antarctic huh? I'm more frightened by the fact that the spacecraft was of higher technology than what we have, and it was carrying a vicious parasite. Makes you wonder. I love the story and with a story like this the only way to make it better is to up the EFX and carnage. It has generous amounts of both. The plot isn't as important since this is one of the best space parasite movies out there. The art is from a planned sequel to the first game "The Thing" for the PS2, but it never got made. For some reason it got cancelled. The art is amazing though. Since there aren't enough pics from the movie you can see the beast here. I give this movie 5 disembodied, mutated torsos out of 5 for being the coolest monster around. Do you think there'll be a sequel? There should be, a kick-ass game sequel too please!
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Guest Commentator THE GRAVEROBBER says: "I would dig some graves but you're burning all my business!"

Abandoned Treasure Hunting

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Thursday, October 20, 2011 at 3:55 AM

You ever get the urge to go treasure hunting? I'd love to do something like that but I don't live the life of someone like Sean Connery's character in "Entrapment". Sure would be fun though. Man I really would like to storm abandoned castles looking for some treasure. Now I'm thinking of those treasure hunters in "Tomb Raider" because they were organized. It's possible but you need the money just to even do that as a sport. And then there's the fact that it's a bit illegal possibly. Still, people search the oceans for treasures too and they get a cut of what they find. That's the dream at least. It's sorta like how some people clean out foreclosures for a living and find all sorts of things that they can take with them since nobody is gonna come back for the stuff. Still, if someone owns the property then you could get in big trouble. It's a nice idea though for my dreams. Don't we all dream of being treasure hunters in abandoned buildings, houses, subways, cites even? Of course if you were wealthy enough to afford traveling and supplies then you would have no need for treasure ironically. So it's a poor man's dream. Too bad people can't get employed to do that for someone legally. Like a bounty hunter. Keep wishing. This picture here is of an abandoned gothic cathedral.
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Guest Commentator BONE COLLECTOR says: "As an alien anything on Earth is a treasure. You have no idea how rich I am! Woo hoo!"

Mutant Toxic Species Will Rise


This picture here is of a Rainbow Bush Locust of Madagascar. You thought regular locusts were bad enough right? With all the bible revelations of locusts eating crops and all. Well check out this badboy. He's a mutant locust with spikes and everything. They say it's highly toxic due to eating Milkweed or other toxic plants. That might explain the odd transformation when you think about it. It's like a zombie being born from radiation. You ever wondered what would happen to a grasshopper given toxic doses of odd substances? It might transform just like a cockroach would. Not much kills a cockroach, not even insecticide. It just mutates them. I think this locust is a bit like that. And that is scary to think that toxic surroundings might change an animal. What could this mean for other animals as the world gets more and more polluted? It's also known as the Gaudy Grasshopper. What's next, a SyFy movie about giant mutant rainbow bush locusts with humanoid-like arms and legs? Toxic waste covered by them? That is a freaky possibility with these sort of species that mutate when affected by surroundings, instead of dying off like we would. There are some strains of bacteria that eat toxic waste so what if some bug grew to feed on it? That could be really horrifying. Toxic mutant beasts will rise someday. If this bug was any bigger it would have teeth and eat flesh. They would fly at your face and stick to it like those face huggers in "Alien". I have a feeling pesticide won't work on this one. Why can't people mutate?
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Guest Commentator FATHER DIABOLICAL says: "The locust plague is what comes before the T.V. plague. And then the T.V. dinners!"

Discovered Via The Net


With all the new Youtube buzz about people getting seen there are more and more people trying to show off on the net. Tons of people like to show off but that doesn't mean they're all gonna be noticed and recognized as talented. I still can't believe that this whole Youtube star search madness is really happening. That means agents are looking online for talent. Things are changing if a person can become a singer by singing on Youtube, or become a comedian in real life. Or actor. It's really hard to imagine but times change I guess. I'm sure a lot of people don't get noticed though because agents would have to go through literally millions of videos to see them all. Still, for a lot of people it sure might seem like the future when everything is going online. More and more books get self published. More and more businesses are being started by small business owners. Entrepreneurs. And now people are getting their outlet for their extrovert fix on the net. They're not all extroverts but some get famous. Of course Youtube has a plain white background to load faster just like Google. Get yer self seen now! Some of the people that get big shock me sometimes. Most of them are the ones that took their own path. I wonder who'll be the first big movie star noticed.
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Guest Commentator BLUE FIEND says: "All I need is a webcam and some props and I can buy my way out of this mess!"

VERSUS GIRL #66 - Red And Blonde

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Tuesday, October 18, 2011 at 3:39 AM

This new Versus Girl is a personal fave. Scarlett Johansson has a classic look to her and she's hard to forget. You know her when you see her. Maybe it's her figure or maybe it's her movie list, either way she's a good one to choose for a role. I love her comedy on SNL where she's trying to sell marble columns. The last I saw her was in "Ironman 2" where even Robert Downey Jr.'s character Tony Stark is tempted by her charms. "The Spirit" was a good change of pace in the style of "Sin City". I liked her role in "The Black Dahlia" as well. "The Island" was cool and brought to mind older cyberpunk movies. It was fun to see her in "Eight Legged Freaks" and "The Perfect Score" is a movie in my collection. I like her work so far. No doubt she's easy on the eyes and she's gone farther than I imagined in the film world. She's worthy of being a cyberpunk chick so I can't wait to see her in "Ironman 3". Some child stars go into obscurity but not Scarlett. She's more well known now for her new stuff than her old stuff. That's the way it should be. I'd hate to see her end up on some "E! Hollywood" special. I see good luck in her future. Posing nude with Keira Knightley also gets points with me. What an odd duo too, a thinner girl and a busty girl, but it was a good photo shoot. I liked her work in "The Prestige" as well. She looks good red or blonde.
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Guest Commentator FATHER DIABOLICAL says: "Forgive me, I have sinned 1,000 times just by looking at her and I like it!"

A Serious Insect Problem

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Sunday, October 16, 2011 at 9:06 PM

We need more big monster movies. In the past monster movies were based on the ideas of insects or spiders grown to unnatural proportions. redoing those oldies are a big thing now and some are pretty good, like "Eight Legged Freaks". So the question goes "what are you more afraid of?". Are you afraid of large creatures or a tiny creature or organism turned gigantic? Those giant creatures are far and few between but those tiny organisms are always there so it is a possible fear. I could understand the fear of overgrown organisms since nano-technology is so big now. Nano-tech could make a creature grow to monstrous proportions, throw off the ecosystem, devastate an environment, etc. It could even be used to create a killer plague. Nothing is far fetched anymore. I don't know what to think of giant spiders but if they did exist we'd be in serious trouble. Like in "Starship Troopers", with those giant insects that invaded from space. All they have to do is come down via a meteor and we're screwed. Or maybe some crazy scientist will make overgrown eels or something. That can be much more frightening than a giant beast of some sort. Even zombies could be made by creating some super virus with nano-tech. If you can imagine it then it's possible now. Is that disturbing to you? It should be. Fear what you cannot see. Those things inside of you. Even more frightening is the thought of a mere spider turning someone into a zombie with a bite. It's demented but you never know. I'm surprised movies haven't done it yet.
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Guest Commentator FLESHCRAWL says: "Where the Hell did all these damn spiders come from?! It's really starting to freak me out!"

Hothead Henry Blazes A Trail

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Saturday, October 15, 2011 at 6:42 PM

Versus Music #57. You may know this face if you like punk rock. Henry Rollins is a badass mamba jamba. What you might not know is he's been going from project to project for years now after his music days. He never rests and that's something I can look up to. He's bull headed but smarter than he looks. They say he's prone to violence but I think people are just judging him by appearance. He's just outspoken so people say stuff like that because he likes to raise his voice. He's not afraid to speak his mind. What I love is he's even done stand-up comedy. That's classic coming from a guy like him. He started his own talk show with rock icons, a great idea. He even hosted a show way back when called "Night Visions" that was similar to "The Outer Limits". I'd say he went his own way much like Glenn Danzig did. His solo work is good stuff actually. If you like intense it doesn't get more so than in "Liar". He's made a career off of a so-called hothead personality. Can you do that? Doubt it. Most hotheads end up fat and drinking beer in a trailer in some decrepit trailer park. This guy had a vision. Oddly, the rock stars he interviews have had more fame than him but if you ask me he has no idea how famous he is. He too is an icon. He learned how to evolve with the times. And like many back in the heyday he was big on cyberpunk. I'm shocked that cyberpunk got so big. It should be bigger now you would think. Maybe it will be.
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Guest Commentator TOUGH GUY says: "Oh he's not so tough; don't hurt me Henry! I didn't mean it! Really!"

The Doom Theory


This time I got a doom theory. Why not come up with one with all the happiness in the world I say. You always see things in movies like cities turned dust bowls and dragons. Huge Jagged rocks jutting up through the surface of streets. How did things get like this? I have a theory that I came up with after watching the SyFy movie "Morlocks". I like the name of this movie since it reminds people of "The Time Machine" where they had creatures underground known as Morlocks. These ones looked nothing like those but they basically served the same purpose, to end mankind. In this movie it happens on a greater scale. The thing is when they tried to stop these events 60 years in the future from happening what they realized was going into the future and back is what may have caused them to eventuate. So there's no way of knowing what spawned the Morlocks and finding them is our demise. What I propose is that something man made could cause a hellish landscape and jutting rocks and dragons, something that we could never fathom because we cause it. Dragons have always been similar to dinosaurs, almost too similar. The difference is they seem to be an evolution of dinosaurs with wings and a more formed humanoid torso, scales, horns, armor plating, fire breath, etc. My theory is a dragon is the possible evolution of a dinosaur and in some way that would make sense since we theorize that dinosaurs have evolved into birds. But if evolution started backwards then a dragon evolving into a bird makes sense. Ever wonder what the evolution of a bird would be? It's a friggin' dragon I tell you! We just never saw the dragons evolve fully. Imagine what they would be like now if they had been evolving all this time. And the Morlocks will always be a mystery.
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Guest Commentator VIKING HUNTRESS says: "I knew a dragon once. He enslaved all my friends but I fell for him!"

Area 52 Spawns Alien Hell

CAPTURED by DEATHZ HEAD A.K.A. THE CHILLER on Thursday, October 13, 2011 at 2:28 AM

Article #2,100! This comic "Area 52" is looking really inventive. Since I like most things that deal with Area 51 I thought I'd like this. The story is what you can imagine. Some alien horrors are set loose on a base known as Area 52 in the Antarctic region. It's not "The Thing" but it does remind me of it. I wanna see that movie so bad. This story is about a group of young people that work in a base in the deep snow hiding things that the government things are not of this world. Sounds cool to me. I imagine the Antarctic would be a good place to hide something since nobody ever goes up there unless it's for an expedition for science. When the alien hatches all Hell breaks loose. Now that sounds like a pretty cool plot to me. Sadly, this came out in 2001 so I never got around to it. I didn't live near a comic shop at the time so that really sucks. I'm gonna look for it though. This is the sort of story I'd come up with. They say it's being made into a movie. How sweet would that be! I'd love that. That would be like a sequel to The Thing without actually being a sequel. This also has similarities to that show on SyFy: "Warehouse 13". For everyone that likes Image comics as much as I do and aliens this should be welcome. The name Area 51 always made me wonder if there was more than one base, like 50 more? Now that would be a real story. Anyways, it looks awesome. I hope it becomes a movie with bloody aliens.
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Guest Commentator BONE COLLECTOR says: "So that's where they're keeping that long lost secret of mine! Tricky humans!"

Freaky Freak Encounters


The freakiest encounters are found on "Freak Encounters". I didn't even know this show existed until now. It looks awesome for something on Animal Planet. I figured it would be on SyFy but nope it's not. This is one weird show too. It's got the kind of stuff I'd watch with all sorts of beast encounters by people claiming to be witnesses. Truth is that some things might be real but people are quick to cover stuff up so it ends up being an urban legend or a story on a show like this. The giant rats I could imagine being real. The giant spiders are possible I suppose. The pic of the werewolf; I don't know what to say about that but I'm open minded enough to like this show. The sewer monster is the sort of thing that nobody would believe but if it were true then some squad of men in black would probably come down to the scene and eliminate it. So I would imagine most people would never know the truth one way or another. It doesn't matter if you believe or not because if they're covering stuff up then all you'll see is what you see on this show. I think there are things that we can't explain that we wish we could so we fear the unknown and try to hide those anomalies from the public for fear of panic. In this world I am willing to believe in things that shouldn't be real. There are limits but you never know. Mutant beasts I can understand. Myths and legends are based on realities.
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Guest Commentator BRAINSUCKER says: "Freaks look for freak encounters. I'm still searching for the ghost inside me!"

Birth By Design


Are you ready for designer babies? This is a bit too scary to me. Yes, even me. The rich will one day be able to have their long sought designer kids and they pay the big bucks to take out every possible flaw. Is this right? I don't think so. It'll be the new racism. I saw this movie where people tried to make designer people and it turns out they were racists. I have no doubt in my mind that this is the future of racism in America and you won't notice because only the rich will have those perfect offspring. There's too much pressure to be perfect in this world. I read somewhere that almost all CEO's are 6 feet or taller. This means there's a prejudice in our minds that makes us view certain types of people differently maybe. I don't agree with that and I've freed my mind of those sort of thoughts. Next think you know movies like "Gattaca" will be more real than we thought. Science will allow for this to be a reality someday but you know that will lead to all sorts of nightmarish scenarios. I don't want a designer black market genius president in our future. I don't want a designer babe. I want a real babe. This could lead to a future where nobody ever gets a cold anymore. Or it could lead to much, much worse things. Does anyone want to see incestuous clone genius kids? It can get even worse.
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Guest Commentator BLUE FIEND says: "I'm the designer baby gone wrong that they hid in the darkness. I'll be back to get you!"

Lord Of The Flies Plugs In


One of my fave movies growing up was "Lord Of The Flies". It's a gritty look into the heart of human beings to our very core when stripped of civilization. The stars were kids but they were old enough to know what they were doing. As time went on though they divided into tribes and went their own ways. Later on they were against each other. Frightening as it is I could imagine this happening to people in real life. It's not so hard to understand primitive cultures when you think about it after watching this movie. The reasoning is they never thought they'd escape. As far as they could tell they were there for good so anything goes. Hell, they could kill and no adults could tell them what to do. They could conjure up gods or start religions without any interference. The saddest part was thinking how they must have missed their families. Being on the island sorta got them caught up in freedom so they forgot about all they knew. The name comes from the idea that the devil would be a swarm of flies around your head annoying you. The devil loves to annoy you. This new audiobook looks sweet. It's even done by the author himself. I might even have to pick this one up. Without civilization we are nothing. It's safe to say we all help each other become better people. This story is deep but I like it.
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Guest Commentator FATHER DIABOLICAL says: "There sure are a lot of @%(*%$ flies around lately. I %(^#@)*# hate flies!"