Shadows Full Of Demons

Shadows Of The Damned is one of those games that comes along and blows you away. They had a dream team of developers gathered to make it too. So now when you think of the PS3 you'll think of games like this one. Kids now have hi-def PS4 games but this one is not forgettable. It was so tough to beat but I finally did it with enough determination, up all night for several days. The horror imagery is exquisite and the story is pretty cool. I love the punk rock guy trying to save his girlfriend from hell. Do they ever escape hell? Does anyone?

If you want a good thumb masher this one will keep you moving fast to beat the end bosses. And I love end bosses! I know, I know, PS4 this, PS4 that, but I have a sweet spot for good PS3 games since I wasn't born in the PS4 era like new kids. This one is so much better than all the other PS3 games though. It has so much style and the graphics were really pushing the limits right before the PS4. It pushed the limits of what you could do with graphic movements, involving more complex end boss moves and animation. Every part of this game thrilled me. The guy's jacket was cool, his bike was cool, his tattoos were cool, and he was willing to fight off hordes of demons to stay in love with his gal in Hell. You can see how much work went into this game as you look at the multi layered scenes in the background. The lighting was perfect and the game on hard mode presented an insane challenge. I'm a pro gamer so this was fun but tough as all hell. They had some creative demons throughout your journey in Hell and it really doesn't seem last gen. The better done games towards the advent of the PS4 look almost like PS4 quality. I love how left field this game is too since it's well done for an independent idea. It's not a franchise type of title, like Resident Evil, but sometimes people want a really well done indie game just like a really well done indie movie. You can't go wrong with this one.


Ready to play a game of chance? Or is it a chance of gruesome death?! Bwahahaha! Comment if you dare!


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