Queens Of Your Desire

There's a comic revolution happening quietly for some time now. Sexy is the new wave of the future. I say it's about time more attention was given to the beauty of the female form, even if they are the ideals of men. No man needs ideals necessarily, but it sure is fun. I like seeing the maidens in distress in scantily clad outfits or evil villains in skimpy, come hither sweet nothings. They are busty but they're not really exaggerated to insane proportions. I think they look great and the stories are pretty sweet too. Top notch action horror for ya.

Zenescope is a new movement taking place that redefines what comics can be. This goes way beyond the days of pin-ups in magazines. In a way we can live out our fantasies through these comics taking almost every fantasy scenario you can think of. They effectively blend horror, action, and drama with sexy babes wearing next to nothing. The gore is more intense, the babes are more buxom, the action is off the wall, you get the idea. Everything is much more than comics used to be. I think it's a great idea since not everybody feels inhibited. In much the way Manga in Japan is a release for fantasies so can this style of comic storytelling. And they're popular as hell too. People are buying them up for their collectable nature, being released in limited runs of several thousand. You know people are going to want them knowing there aren't enough to go around and I would rather buy a real version of a Zenescope comic than a digital one any day. The limited run idea is a fairly new concept as well. Think of them like 1 season shows, which are the rage now days. A lot of comics are well done and collectable but let's face it, sexy babes do sell comics. And Zenescope does sell. I had an idea for movies once, similar to this, with more gnarly gore, more sexy babes, more everything. The price on the comics is also more than the typical comic but they are worth it especially if they're limited. They cost about twice as much as the typical comic, but dollar bin comics cost about a sixth the amount. In the end I would say they're worth it. They're pushing the envelope and I like that a lot.


Ready to play a game of chance? Or is it a chance of gruesome death?! Bwahahaha! Comment if you dare!


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