The Harbinger Of Death

Harbinger Down is one of those movies that really restores your faith in film makers because it's easy to want to make a movie for the masses. This movie is for the die hard body horror fans and fans of movies like The Thing. They purposefully made this movie without CGI to get away from all the cheap digital EFX plaguing low budget horror movies. The result is breath taking and I'm glad Lance Henriksen was a part of it. This monster is all practical EFX and it looks great. Watch it dudes! You won't find another movie like this one anywhere.

 There are a lot of critics out there but I loved this movie personally. Some people think that it needed work but I think they're being too critical. It restores our faith in seeing new movies in the tradition of The Thing. The new movie titled 'The Thing', the prequel, was a mix of CGI and practical EFX to pay homage to the original, which was all practical EFX. This movie is all practical EFX as well so while there may be critics I think this is quite the accomplishment when you see the cool mutant monstrosities, stealing DNA from different people and things. The story was nicely done with the over zealous college professor trying to stake claim on the discovery of a Russian cosmonaut. The EFX were well appreciated by me since I get tired of the cheap CGI in so many movies trying to cut corners. Cheap CGI looks even worse than any practical EFX and you know it when you see it. This monster, unlike The Thing, just kept growing and growing with each person it absorbed, and that sets it apart from other movies of the same ilk. The Blob remake starred a monster that kept growing as well so you can think of this movie as a mix of The Thing and The Blob on an icebreaker vessel looking for the source of a distress signal. To make this movie with a digital monster just wouldn't look the same at all so I take no stock in what critics may say. The question is what is it? The Blob was an oversized bacteria. The Thing was an alien shapeshifter. This monstrous entity is somehow similar to both and yet different. It's the bastard child of both. The claustrophobic surroundings add to the fear of being stuck with that thing on board. There's really nowhere to run when you're surrounded by icy waters on all sides so it's either kill or be killed. That would scare the living hell out of me going up against that thing in battle.


Ready to play a game of chance? Or is it a chance of gruesome death?! Bwahahaha! Comment if you dare!


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