Hell From The Underground

Triumvir Foul can best be described as a very dirty, filthy, raw death metal sound. It's also a very thick, structured, hellish chaos that contains hidden guitar work and even some insane solos that never turn cheesy. I can say for some reason this is even original; maybe because it's very mean and rough around the edges. It's not some over produced studio death metal, although there's nothing wrong with that. These guys deserve street cred for staying true to slimy crypt style death metal. It's fast, evil, underground sounding hell.

 The underground death metal/black metal scene bands sound a lot different than mainstream death metal. The idea of 'mainstream death metal' is kind of ironic in ways because the scene is an alternative to what's on the radio obviously. What I like about underground bands like this one is they sound more evil, more dark, more decrepit, and more foreboding. People forget what real death metal sounds like when they come out with these record labels for death metal now. I mean I like bands on bigger labels too but in a way everything originates in the underground first. The mainstream will get ideas from the underground, that's how it works. So you want the real thing then you have to look for unknown bands that play the real shit. "Shared consciousness of anxiety, depravity, melancholy, and violence through arcane offerings" is the description on their bandcamp page. They cover the subject matter that others don't. Too many bands now days are all about senseless torture, killing, etc. while this band covers uncomfortable topics. "A vessel for hedonism, corruption, and cabalisticism" it reads on towards the bottom of the bandcamp page, "The embodiment of one's depravity and weakness expressed through worship of the three serpents. As an entity of spiraling spiritual violence". Very interesting stuff actually. I like their angle with their lyrics and image a lot. It conveys images of tombs, crypts, old gods and demons, spiritual degradation, and the inner struggles we all face from time to time. "The principles of disgust, hatred, and anxiety" it goes on. "Emanations of lust and decay" are some of the lyrics. I find their whole persona to entice me more than the typical death metal band offering nothing but gore lyrics. It's a cool combination of death/black metal that makes me think about my own weaknesses, corruptions, sadness, and anxieties. Not often do death/black metal bands make you think.


Ready to play a game of chance? Or is it a chance of gruesome death?! Bwahahaha! Comment if you dare!


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