Scan Your Demons

Brainscan is one of my fave flicks. This was way ahead of its time with VR games, talking computers, and all that tech that we still wish we had. Hard to believe that we don't have those things yet. This movie was one of those treats that you could re-watch over and over. Maybe the awesome soundtrack helped too. A lot of lesser known metal bands. You don't see good movies with soundtracks like that much, or the cool EFX. Trickster was pretty creepy. Makes you wonder what people will go through in the future. Cyberpunk horror right here!

The VR horror isn't really the main nightmare here. The real horror is the demon Trickster. Back then they mixed up supernatural things with realistic ones. It works well too, with the dapper Trickster pedaling his wares to this unsuspecting teen guy. Perhaps he is a demon that preys on the souls of the young and naive, but this kid may be up to the challenge. Trickster may have picked the wrong youth to mess with this time. It makes sense that a demon would prey on the young and defenseless more than the adult and mentally fit. I love PC CD-ROM games and those are becoming a thing of the past with these laptops now that have no CD bay. This kid gets a PC CD-ROM game in the mail and it's supposed to be the newest VR game, which is funny given how high tech that would be. I'm jealous of his computer that answers the phone and checks to see who's at the door. Igor on the screen talks to him like a person. As he explores this VR game he is playing the role of a killer but is it really a game? When he wakes up he finds the murder was real. Wouldn't that creep you out?! Now he has to find a way to fight back against Trickster before it's too late so he can get the girl next door.  A girl that also likes heavy metal is not a thing to let slip away! Is he a killer now or not?


Ready to play a game of chance? Or is it a chance of gruesome death?! Bwahahaha! Comment if you dare!


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