Death House Soaked In Blood

Death House is easily the most anticipated horror movie of the decade. The Expendables was awesome for action but Death House is super exciting for horror! Almost every living horror icon will be in it, which is an amazing feat to even attempt. Not only that, but it has a VR horror angle that I like a lot, so cyhorror is coming back. I was wondering after The Cabin In The Woods what could possibly take the crown and now we have an answer. Both movies have a cyberpunk horror style plot and both will be prized in my creepy collection.

As great of an idea as this cast ensemble is I can honestly say I never saw it coming for some reason. Gathering a bunch of veteran actors to do one film is something that has never really been done before that I can remember. The virtual reality angle is going to work very well for this movie, with each inmate in their own virtual prison in their minds. Scary idea for the future that could possibly become a reality. What better way to control the masses? In VR if there's a prison break they're still stuck in VR, and nobody gets hurt. Like The Cabin In The Woods, this movie also has a technological aspect to the horror, except it will be taken to a whole new area in this one. The Cabin In The Woods had an ending with Cthulhu rising up, which is wild enough. This movie will have some crazy surprises of its own too. I like the prison setting for the movie because prisons are places where we condemn people to live in a living hell of solitude. It's sad but maybe VR will change how inhumane it is someday. The multitude of things that could go wrong in VR is what makes for a great cyberpunk horror movie.  I expect this movie to pile on the gore quite generously!


Ready to play a game of chance? Or is it a chance of gruesome death?! Bwahahaha! Comment if you dare!


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