Hardware Kill Protocol

Hardware is one of those movies that isn't made to make lots of money. It's made to be one of the best in its genre, being cyberpunk horror. A very precise genre with a very devoted following, even if they aren't blockbusters. Everything was spot on, the music, the killer robot, the atmosphere, the sense of dread, the bleak, dismal world inhabited by stragglers, the camerawork, and the message. It was a near perfect cyhorror flick. They just don't make movies with that quality now days and when they do it's not very often.

This is what you would call a post-apocalyptic movie, set in a post nuclear future. There was a time when post-apocalyptic movies were a big trend. Cyberpunk horror was also at an all time high too. In this world the people that were left on this desert planet did their best to simply survive, like cockroaches. Luxury was a thing of the past. Robots were taking the place of human jobs more and more so that left humans in a bad place. The role of humans changes as robots take over manufacturing. I loved the soundtrack to this movie so much. That really helps propel it to cult classic status. So they found an old, dusty, unused robot and got it working again. And soon after the robot starts dispatching people, killing anyone it come across! Now what kind of malfunction is that? This is an extremely paranoid view of what could happen but that's why we liked it. As crazy as that notion is it could happen. Most of the film is spent blazing awesome cyberpunk visuals across the screen along with seedy characters living their antisocial lives. Then comes the scariest part, how do you kill this thing? On a desert planet what could kill a robot? Even the narration by Iggy Pop is cool.


Ready to play a game of chance? Or is it a chance of gruesome death?! Bwahahaha! Comment if you dare!


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