Super Smart Aliens

Independence Day: Resurgence was the sequel we all waited for. I can't help but wonder how many people died during the scenes of cities being overturned and dropped back down though. Or the alien base landing on Earth; that would kill a massive amount of people. The things people never think about in movies. And they always have superior technology to us, which is hard to believe but it makes you think. Alternative evolution can do that maybe, like the idea of a lizard evolving into a lizard man instead of monkeys becoming men.

It was only a matter of time I suppose. You knew they were going to make a sequel to this movie someday, and you could probably predict that sequel would include Jeff Goldblum. It has been quite a while since the first one. The epic tale of man vs. aliens. In this one the alien threat has basically been hibernating for years and years preparing by amassing a huge fleet of spaceships to do battle with.  Then something finds us through a wormhole one day. A robotic entity, essentially living, but not truly alive, just a highly evolved form of AI robot. And it turns out the aliens had wiped out this AI robotic race because they posed a threat, except for one. That one entity found us and wanted to share its technological secrets with us. When it's man vs. aliens robots choose to ally with mankind because AI makes machines more like man. You get to see a lot more of the aliens in this one, which is cool. They even have their own ecosystem on their spaceship with its own flora and fauna. Why do they want to kill us so bad though? It has to be because they want out resources. This is the way people work, using up all resources in sight, except the aliens chose to be much more aggressive than us in our plundering of natural resources. So humans had found their resource hogging match. Kind of makes for a good story now that I think about it. These aliens do not want to be friends!


Ready to play a game of chance? Or is it a chance of gruesome death?! Bwahahaha! Comment if you dare!


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