Darkest Vampire Writer

Out Of Stone by John G Rees is quite an impressive accomplishment. I've kept up with his entire series of books, which manage to bring vampire fiction to new territory without ever uttering the word 'vampire' even once. This is the final book in a series of 4 books. The dark imagery is impressively macabre and sadistic. You won't find any vampire novel that comes this close to being so absolutely horrifying. Though, if you can take it, the story is equally amazing and impressive. It is without a doubt the darkest vampire fiction around.

The story revolves around two friends, who are 'reusables' for a shady corporation. They have no idea what reusables are and neither do readers necessarily, but I think he likes it that way. You have to figure out what's going on for yourself. If it weren't for me reading another review I would have never known they were vampires myself possibly. The irony is how these reusables get put into positions, like jobs, and they get overworked to death, and then they're brought back painfully and cruelly again and again. Are we supposed to feel sorry for the vampires in these books? I'm not sure. This is where the re-readability is in fact. I love the way he writes, especially the parts where the horrors take on a dream like feeling. The gory scenes throughout the books are quite graphic and nothing is held back. If these books were movies they would be full on horror films. If they were comics then I could totally see that working. He interweaves a lot of macabre imagery and historic adventure, even some very interesting gypsy lore, and the reusables as divers pulls from his own life experiences as a diver himself. You can tell this writer wrote these books with a passion and he deserves recognition. I am inspired by his horrific, vile visions. The independent author has triumphed here!


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