Frozen In Desire And Fear

Frozen In Fear A.K.A. The Flying Dutchman is a made for TV thriller from the year 2000. It's actually not that bad. If you get the DVD version then it shows 'everything' that they don't show on TV. The DVD version has all the gore and nudity and sex in it. It's quite an erotic mind bender really. The classic case of whether or not to trust a guy, and the woman falls for him, questioning whether he's a madman or not, but she still falls in love deeply and things get rather steamy. Such an alluring stranger may not be sane in the end. Too bad for her.

This movie took place in Seattle. Or the gallery manager was from Seattle I should say. The artist was from another place all together. Some small town near the water with docks and fisherman and coffee shops that serve good omelettes. You know the type, with gift shops near the ocean. As you can guess the gallery manager goes to this out of the way town to find the artist and offer to show his work in a gallery show in Seattle. Seems harmless enough right? Well it is at first. Little does she know this guy is a total wacko that kills women due to being traumatized when he was young. And he does so in the most unusual of ways, freezing them in ice, naked. The DVD is loaded with nudity and sex so much that it's hard to believe it was ever on TV. I like that though, the steamy side of it. Kind of cool in a way how you can see it on TV and then go seek out the uncensored DVD. It turns out this guy's family is really weird and they've been covering for him for years. Typically, where there's one nut there may be more I say. The gallery manager actually falls for this guy somehow, because he was such a smooth talker and seemed to be good with the ladies. Little did she know he was not very good with women, just luring them in. Yet they had a lot of sex and you're left thinking this guy has to be really screwed up in the head to seduce her so well, and then go completely mad.


Ready to play a game of chance? Or is it a chance of gruesome death?! Bwahahaha! Comment if you dare!


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