Feel The Kung Fury

Kung Fury is one insane movie! It's strange that I've never seen such a well done computer animation movie. The people that made this did a really good job. Can you imagine the amount of green screen involved? It's almost too good to be an indie film. I'd like to see a full feature follow-up to this one. The nerdy side of this flick is done in a very fast pace, arcade like action so you don't really dwell on how nerdy anything is. It's just more funny than anything. The whole thing feels like an awesome arcade game actually, with viking chicks!

If you could surf on top of a Lamborghini in mid air and travel back in time by hacking a mainframe database then things would be so awesome. There's someone, namely Hitler, who has found a way to travel through time and arcade machines are coming to life to join his army. What do you do? You call hackerman and have him send you back in time by surfing a keyboard of course! The neon grid is synonymous with 80's matrix ideas. Cheesy cyberpunk goodness abounds at every turn.  What does make this stand out is the gory bits here and there, so it's not just all cheese. I watched how they did the digital EFX and the gore, very interesting. It's not horror but the gore is horrific enough. It's more of a comedy with gory bits to satisfy the horror hounds. Turns out he went back in time too far and ended up in caveman times with two hot women. They ride dinosaurs and carry machine guns, nothing weird about that! Then one of them shows him a phone they can use to travel to Hitler's time and fight off his legions before they attack the current year, which is what's happening at the beginning of the movie, but you know how time travel works so we see the battle that comes after everything else before it all happens. I hope we see more from this rad team of movie makers.


Ready to play a game of chance? Or is it a chance of gruesome death?! Bwahahaha! Comment if you dare!


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