Scary Conceptual Experiments

Why is it that concept art is usually cooler than the artwork used in a movie? My theory is that maybe the concepts are more edgy and daring. Here's some concept art for a movie about mutants. Now I doubt the finished product was anywhere near this freaky but that's a shame. Is it too scary for most regular folk? Too dark for family audiences? Maybe, but then maybe they shouldn't stifle artistic freedom to please the masses so much. The grotesque can be very cool but usually only indie horror movies would dare take that route.

Concept art is a reservoir of ideas that never make the final cut, yet you could totally imagine an art book full of the artwork being sold somewhere. I'm a big fan of concept art and often I wonder why they went with the idea they did instead of the concepts. Mainstream movies are going to be somewhat reserved though. I could imagine filling up a whole sketch book of cool concept art but would any of it be usable in the mainstream? Maybe, maybe not. In school I drew a lot of super gory art, with corpses torn in half on pikes, etc. I drew a crazy picture one year for a Halloween festival and I never got the picture back. It had rotting, torn in half zombies splayed on pikes in a graveyard. The artwork was amazing. Who knows what they did with it though. A little too insane for Halloween festivals with kids attending I guess. Nobody could deny my artistic talent but that's the way it goes. I think concept artists can end up creating their own art books and make a side income. More and more artists seem to be doing that. That might be something I'll try someday too. So you can work for the big boys and work for yourself on the side. You could call concept art the underappreciated art forms.


Ready to play a game of chance? Or is it a chance of gruesome death?! Bwahahaha! Comment if you dare!


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