Kaiju Madness

Pacific Rim is kind of a modern day Godzilla tale. It's the American answer to Godzilla really. Everyone was proud of Guillermo Del Toro for coming up with this one. And not only do you have big ass kaiju but people fighting them in huge robots! Giant kaiju sent by aliens from within a rift opening that showed up in the bottom of the ocean is a great setting. I was wondering where the monsters were coming from. If you're a monster lover and a cyberpunk lover then this is the best of both worlds. If you see kaiju run or get in a jaeger!

The amount of resources it would require to make a jaeger is mind boggling. The mech bays where they're made are enormous. So the older mechs where nuclear powered, thus allowing them to be able to run offline, whereas the newer ones needed to be online with two drivers mentally connected to the limbs of the jaeger. I didn't understand the mental connection bit but it was cool. Very scary in a way too, interfacing with technology through your mind, and establishing a connection that could cause brain damage if severed. That will probably go over most people's heads as they watch this for monsters, and big ones at that. Bigger than Godzilla I think. Can you imagine the amount of damage to the city these kaiju are inflicting? Crazy to think that they were coming from the sea. I liked that angle a lot. Then you start wondering if it's caused by nuclear, like Godzilla, but nope! There's a wormhole at the bottom of the ocean letting monster kaiju in! Now, humans being humans, we feel the need to explore and go into the wormhole to find the people doing all this. Are you prepared for entering a wormhole to another planet with harmless looking aliens? Super smart, bad aliens!


Ready to play a game of chance? Or is it a chance of gruesome death?! Bwahahaha! Comment if you dare!


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